Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of May 10, 2010

Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of May 10, 2010

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  1. so, what this has to do with anything is, exactly nothing. but i will ask anyway. how is Copyblogger headquartered in Austin yet Brian took Johnny to Deep Ellum? The metaphysical crux here is, why would Brian or anyone for that matter actually move from AUSTIN to DALLAS?

    i grew up in dallas. i left dallas. and austin, sir, is no dallas.

    that is all.

  2. DUDE I dont even read the wrapup I just like seeing whats going to come out of your mouth and transform onto a post LOL

    We should start a game called
    “guess what Johnny said today?”

  3. Lisa, I split time between Dallas and Austin. Unfortunate on the Dallas part, but it’s still fun to terrorize the Park Cities people.

  4. Hey, you know you are doing the right thing when everyone else is either making fun of you, talking bad about you, or just being silly. That is confirmation that you are writing good stuff. It did get attention. I love your blog. I read it daily even if I don’t comment. This is one of my fav’s. I love the art work on the Tatoos and good for YOU! What an inspirational story. I use to be a big biker (harley rider)-got out of it and have a clean life. Great post very informative.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I must admit when I started reading the post I wondered what I had stumbled across, what have tattoos got to do with IM, thought I was going gaga (not Lady thankfully)

    Great info though, look forward to reading it every week, the style is quite unique.



  6. I….ummm…. may have gotten arrested in Deep Ellum at the age of 15. For a curfew violation. Yep.

    My Mom left me in their holding tank (aka: a big room with mats on the floor and blankets that was nothing like a jail) overnight to teach me a lesson.

    However now all it does is make for a funny story to tell people at times like this. 🙂

    And I second Lisa…. I went to high school in DFW… Southlake, specifically. I’m thinking that may beat Park Cities in uptight soccer mom-ness. I disliked it so much that I fled at the age of 16 by graduating high school early.

    Anyway – great post. Loved the SEO Copywriting report..anyone who I teach SEO always has a problem with making their posts not sound ‘spammy’ – and I remember it was a huge problem for me when I started out, too. Hell, it’s a huge problem for me now sometimes… little do you guys know that I’m optimizing this comment for the keywords “arrested in Deep Ellum for a curfew violation.”
    😉 😉

  7. I actually did get a couple of tats this week I thought maybe Johhny and I were sharing lives for a moment. Great entertaining read makes me enjoy the weekend that much more.

    Thanks folks!

  8. So… just so we’re clear, I really hope nobody thinks those tattoos are real. I wouldn’t think I’d have to say this, but more than one person has suggested that they thought I actually got “Scribe” and “Thesis 4 Lyf” tattooed on my arms.

    I wouldn’t do that for less than a 66% affiliate cut.

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