The Solution for Marketing Overwhelm

The Solution for Marketing Overwhelm

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  1. An expert only became an expert through experience and hard work. That’s why you should always be dubious of young experts.

  2. A lot of times it’s those beginning stages of starting a business or creating a product launch that can get you. This sounds like a valuable course.

  3. Having ANY plan, even if it’s not as thorough or “smart” as you think it should be, is the key to getting something off the ground. The blueprint sounds like a great idea. (Sonia let me know if you’d like to do something on this topic for the Wax blog!)

  4. Sonia may not be young (but to give her credit, she’s younger than me!) but she’s a Rock Star at the Blueprint! What she has created there is beyond awesome! Make sure you don’t miss out this time. You will love it.

  5. Hi: I don’t have children, but embarked on becoming a freelancer several years ago. I did not have a blueprint but I knew what I could do and do well.

    We are all different, with different needs, backgrounds, and of course, financial and health concerns. I will check it out. I am glad you wanted to put your family first. So rare these days.

  6. I think putting family & other key relationships first is one of the smartest things we can do as businesspeople.

    If we’re in business to be happy (and otherwise, why do it?), nurturing those relationships is the smartest strategy. The business can be designed to support our lives.

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