Free SEO Copywriting Report

Free SEO Copywriting Report

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  1. For those of you who think you know everything there is to know about SEO… you should at least study how Brian launched this free report into the market place. It’s a living example of what he talks about on

  2. Brian,

    Great how-to guide. What I personally like most about this is that it can be used by business people (not just bloggers, or web gurus etc)… i.e. a business owner can read this, do some elements themselves and use the rest of the guide to check their own web guys are covering all the SEO bases.

    I’m in the process of developing a new site for myself, and I can see I’m not putting a proportionate amount of effort into off-the-page SEO – so this was a really timely reminder.

    Considering the amount of effort that’s gone into this, I think the deal should be: if you read it, you have to pass it on :-).

    Great writing job, followed by a great editing job… thanks again.


  3. Powerful report and I’m glad that it’s not just re-hased content that we can find everywhere else. The pie graph that shows where the different percentages of the weight of traffic, is super-useful.

    I know that I have been looking in the wrong place for traffic in the past, so I’m sure that there are many others as well.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  4. I still don’t get the whole idea about SEO copywriting to create the most compelling content. Main thing as what I always believe is to let the natural flow of ideas going by itself an then produce an article which your readers will truly enjoy. It’s not about pleasing the search engine but your loyal readers.

  5. Yee, you’ve got it backwards. You create compelling content for people first in order to even have a shot at ranking well in search engines. But if you ignore the finer aspects of content optimization, you’re missing out on other people — in the form of targeted search traffic.

    You should really read the report… it takes the opposite approach from typical SEO advice, and yet it works — we use it here at Copyblogger. That’s why I wrote it and gave it to you. 😉

  6. Brian

    I have subscribed to a litany of web sites looking for guidance on a number of topics. Copyblogger has been one of the consistently great sites, and a must-read. Thanks for always doing such a great job!


  7. I love it! I’m not a geek and totally clueless about SEO, but we have managed to do very well in our niche ( google pagerank 5) without it.

    Still, I think there are many in our travel niche that haven’t found us.

    This makes more sense than anything else that I’ve seen on SEO! Thank you so much!

  8. Great resource! It is simply helpful. Informative, well-written, easy to understand, and without the amplified emotion that I find infused with so many other blogs and free reports / tools / content.

    I feel excited and better prepared to do my work. You’ve positively affected one girl’s emotional landscape today.


  9. The report is comprehensive, no-nonsense and written in the usual excellent, breezy Copyblogger style. I like how it states flat out that there’s no magic bullet in the SEO game – it’s an all too common myth. Great job!

  10. Brian,

    Thank you for your generosity with this white paper, I’ll definitely read it. This will complement Scribe which I subscribe to. I love Scribe but some days it drives me nuts by not accepting my keywords, is there a user manual for Scribe in case I am not using it correctly?


  11. I thought the beginning was nice for someone getting their feet wet. I liked some of the meatier bits, when you got more into the strategies of how to write well. I like that you hit the idea that finding balance is key. I like that you focus on the idea that writing compelling copy is about attracting links, as well as flowing-in keyword research and better ideas. Too much focus is put on the mechanics of this trade I think, and not enough on kindling the sparks that bring us here in the first place.
    I honestly did not find anything in here that was revelatory or game-changing, but it was still refreshing that it was not tired rehashing of safe ideas. I think you are supporting safe ideas, but not necessarily walking well-worn paths.
    I did find it to be a very solid, very accurate description of what is working (for now) and how to bring your own work closer to this state. Always appreciate your take BC & co., and this was no exception. I’ll be happy to link at it, and suggest it to folks in the future.

  12. Brian, this is an amazing report. The first time I have been able to read something that simply explains, what SEO copy writing is all about.
    Thank you also for the great offer for Scribe! I write pretty good relevant content now but having a ‘professional’ evaluate and optimize is going to be Fabulous!

  13. Very informative and insightful paper. I enjoyed reading it. It will definitely help.

    I think “content + promotion = links” part could use a little bit more explanation. Or, actually I could. 🙂

    Syndication and exposure, and how to build that… I would love to hear more on that.

    Brian, I appreciate your paper and your inputs.

    Thanks, Deven

  14. And thus spake Brian!! Somebody finally put it clearly and comprehensively enough.

    I once wrote an article on how SEO copywriters forget that the copy is going to be read by humans and not bots. Now that Copyblogger’s kings and queens have reinforced that I can prance about in vanity 😉

    Great thanks!

  15. Brian,

    Great work!

    Thank you so much for this!

    As a copywriter with nearly three decades of ad agency experience, I’ve always believed there is no substitute for compelling, gripping copy, regardless of medium.

    I’ve been a bit perplexed by those SEO writers who think good search-oriented content is about nothing more than the right key words in the right densities.

    Words poorly written will never be good content, no matter how many of them are “key.”

    Thanks for championing the cause and for providing this great resource!

  16. Brian,
    Thanks for sharing. You and the whole team have been releasing some powerful information and you definitely gave a great share on this one.

    I look forward to diving in and sharing my thoughts.

  17. I am new at all of this – trying to learn SEO, create rich content, grow a business, provide the actual service I am promoting, and oh yes, have a life. I am overwhelmed with information. I thank you for contributing to the brain stretching activities I seem to need. Now if I can find the time-stretching solution with which to implement all that I am learning, I can do that, too.

  18. man, i read at least 25 seo articles every week… and a lot of the things i read now is things i already knew or know is not true… but that’s how it is, you just gotat keep learning more and more, then you sort through the data and make your own conclusions. thansk for the report, btw.

  19. I was about to give you an atta-boy for placing numbers on the pages in this report. Sadly, page numbers seem to be deemed unnecessary for too many downloadable docs these days. That makes it tough when the breeze blows the pages off the patio table right after you finished printing and prepared a tall cool one to accompany an engrossing read…
    BUT, Brian, ol’ buddy, you put the even page numbers on the right-hand page, when everybody knows the right side of an open book/report/white paper gets the odd numbers… no atta-boy for you!

  20. G’Day Brian,
    As a relative newbie SEO has been one of those black holes from which there’s no known escape route. I was hopelessly confused.

    I wish I’d seen your excellent report a year ago. It really is most illuminating.

    Anyway, I was an early acceptor for Scribe. It’s wonderful. In particular, when we have a query, we get a quick and jargon free response.



  21. Brian, thanks for this report … it’s going to help me explain the concepts to a couple of start ups for whom I’m trying to help develop their SEO Marketing plan and now, Cornerstone Content.

    I tried to get the special price on Scribe today, but clicking through doesn’t seem to give me the content evaluations you list. Is that offer over already?

  22. Virgina, the offer is still on. When you use the promo code and select the Advanced Plan, you’ll see at checkout that you’re only charged the Starter price, whether monthly or annually (your choice).

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