Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of April 11, 2011

Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of April 11, 2011

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  1. A lot of what we do in our business is hard to explain to our friends.

    I have been doing this “full-time” only a short couple weeks, and realizing just how important building relationships in this industry is. As soon as I have “made it” and can afford to make these conferences, I will definitely be there.

  2. JB,

    I also find myself, not so much having to explain my “internet relationships” because I would refuse to explain myself to anyone (real or virtual) but having people react with shock and sometimes disgust or that, “Ewh, she’s having an affair” look, that I’d choose to meet up with people I’ve only “virtually” met.

    How could you not be having an affair with someone on the other side of the world when you say you are just writing buddies? Yep, that’s the look they give me.

    I refuse to justify myself to anyone but more I, laugh on the inside about their reaction to my having friends on the internet I’ve never met in person. The shocked looks and fear are “picture-frameable”.

    And the weird part is I probably know these internet friends better and possibly for longer than my own every-day life friends. We share stories, blog posts, our struggles and rarely intimate details about our lives.

    As for the wedgies and lunch money problem, I’d say stop wearing undies and ask them to take you out for lunch because you don’t have any real friends.



    • That’s an observation I’ve made, too… because we select our friends online instead of simply being around the people who happen to live near us or work/go to school at the same place, the relationships are actually better. But just try getting anyone who hasn’t seen it firsthand to understand that!

  3. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, Johnny, but for some reasons, Internet relationships have been the most motivating, inspiring and best ones I’ve developed.

  4. True ant,
    It does not matter how your posts come to me. But the matter is, I have fallen in love with your posts…with the entire copyblogger media…Really, we (newbies) as well as pro-bloggers are enriched very much…
    A wonderful wrapping post!!!
    Thank you JBT.

  5. I tried to click on your events page link but I get a blank page. Maybe it is my browser or maybe you should look at the link.

    I went to an event in Connecticut in November and met so many people that I have met online. What a load of fun that was. But my friends and family are not really into wedgies so much. Glad of that.

  6. Thank you for an awesome blog! I really enjoy all your blog posts. They are fun to read but I also learn so much from you 🙂 Take care and keep up the good work!

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