Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of DEcember 13, 2010

Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of DEcember 13, 2010

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  1. So Johnny, when you said you were eating your foot. Is that the same as when you put your foot in your mouth???????
    Hey, we got 6 inches in southern Ohio, but I have foot-in-mouth all year round:)

  2. Thanks for that Johnny, I have been falling a bit behind this week as well, at least I have some time to catch up over the next day or two before everything gets completely Christmasy!



  3. How’s it going, Johnny?

    I took copyblogger’s (and I believe your) advice and organized an Awards Show based around my niche. The Awards show is called “The First Annual Basketball Bloggers Awards Show.”

    I am looking for a mix of basketball and blogger experts to provide the best accuracy in determining the winner in each category (Best Overall Blog, Best Use of Viral Video, etc., you can see the full description at Please do not take the formatting and color quality of the posts in grey as a reflection on the quality of the blog as a whole. I deleted these posts and had to re-post them, causing a bunch of issues. Now, I have to re-type all the posts that had been deleted, which has actually been a blessing in disguise.)

    I secured one basketball expert already around the February 20th date the awards ceremony will take place. I would like to keep his name confidential as to build suspense for him and the rest of the judges, but if you e-mail me I can share it with you.

    Would you be interested in joining this effort? Hope all is well!


    Seif-Eldeine Och can see the other work which I owe copyblogger a great deal of gratitude for at, and

    • Hey! Thanks for the offer and I appreciate it, but I’m afraid I can’t really commit to anything new right now… way too much already on my plate. Hope it’s awesome, though!

  4. You’re welcome!

    I hope I get to run into you at a conference in the future so I can pick your brain and we can share our experiences blogging.

    Good luck with everything until then!

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