3 Important SEO Tips You Can Start Using Today

3 Important SEO Tips You Can Start Using Today

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  1. I’m fairly new to the SEO world and I’m just starting to realize the importance and significance of it in terms of how it impacts site traffic. I have a WordPress site running on the Genesis framework, and I installed the Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast plugin comments have really helped me learn what I need to do to write in an SEO-friendly manner. I went back and changed up some slugs, titles, internal links, etc. Now that I’m starting to get the hang of it, I’ve seen more consistent traffic. Thanks for the additional tips!

    • I recommend following Google Search Console to trace the best traffic driving keywords to your site and try to optimize your content for the keywords that you are ranking and it will improve your website organic traffic.

  2. I’m definitely going to start with #1 then just move on down the line. Thanks for the great pointers. I hope I can succeed at all of them.

  3. Jerod,
    I was just reading about this recently how search has become more voice oriented with the mobile phones being in use so much more now than the desktop.
    I know myself I use it a lot more today than ever before.
    YouTube is great for educational purposes.
    I do have a question if you have an old YouTube channel with an old gmail account can you transfer it to a new Gmail account? Love to know your thoughts on that, thank you.

  4. Hey Jerod. How much content / time do you think you need on YouTube before seeing results? I’ve been using Lumen5 for a couple weeks and have uploaded 7 videos (I’ve had a channel for 5+ years but only a handful of videos on it). I’ve gotten 3 website visits and a few views. Meanwhile in the same 2 weeks I’ve gotten 12K Pinterest visits (another important search engine!) and 128K visits from organic search. I mean, obviously it’s gonna take more than 2 weeks, but… Wondering when I call video a waste of time for me!

    • Great question Louise. There is no set answer I can give. I think the question to ask is: are your audience members on YouTube? I would look for other videos that are similar to the content you’re producing and see if they have a lot of views. If so, you know people are watching that kind of content on YouTube, and some patience may be in order. If not, it could be that you just chalk it up to an experiment that gave you some valuable results about where to invest your time next. 🙂

  5. Great article. I love how you added the Search. Engine. Optimization. to this article. Too many people look past that while publishing content online. Bookmarking this and I will stay tuned for future articles!

  6. Nice tips– I hadn’t thought about Google not being the only search engine out there.

  7. SEO matters, and the strategy is more important than ever. It’s an essential component to successful digital marketing efforts, and it can be the difference between attracting tons of website traffic and getting lost among the billions of other sites on the Internet.

  8. I am sure I could do #1 better. However, I think the biggest one I am going to work on is #2. I tend to focus on Google only. I agree it makes sense to look at other platforms. Also, #3 is super important. It is tough to rank well if the search engines can’t find and decipher your content.

  9. Search engine optimization matters and the technique is more vital than any other time in recent memory. It’s a basic segment to effective advanced promoting efforts, and it can be the contrast between pulling in huge amounts of site movement and getting lost among the billions of different locales on the Internet.

  10. This was a great post, and one I’ll be referring to often as I work on optimizing my site further.

    I personally struggle with keyword research. Crafting articles around keywords doesn’t come naturally to me, and I’ve been working on shifting towards that. The idea of crafting articles around questions to make them more searchable by voice is interesting, and something I’m going to experiment with.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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