How to Use Persuasive Words

How to Use Persuasive Words

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  1. Hey Jerod,

    Thanks for the podcast. Interesting tricks and discussion.
    By the way, it should be kept in mind that over time the patterns of visitor behavior may change.

    For example, the more words ‘free’ are used in the web, the less sensitive visitors become to them. Some more tricks should be applied (Be creative! – for example, “it is free, but you will not find it anywhere else even for money” etc.)

    Also, a lot of tricks can be mined from Robert Cialdini’s book “ChInfluence: The Psychology of Persuasion”

  2. Thanks a lot for providing a transcript. I don’t have time or the occasion to listen to audio. I appreciate the alternative.

  3. Personalization sells. Thanks for clarifying that!

    I know a lot of people already use the word “you” in their persuasive copy, but without it being specific and direct around one person (or for one person), it’s not going to amount to much.

    Thanks again for your thoughts on this! I thought you guys all made great points.

  4. Yes, I agree with Mike. I appreciate the transcript as well. I like to have it written so if there’s something I want to re-read I can find it quickly.

    I actually do try to write as though I’m writing to one person, but sometimes I get carried away and imagine writing to the masses (not many of which have found my blog yet!) but it’s always good to be reminded to keep it on a personal level. People do like feeling like you’re talking just to them.

    And as for “instant” gratification – that sure is how our generation has been raised. We want it right now! So if a reader can’t get an instant download or information they’re looking for from us, they’ll go somewhere else where they CAN get the instant gratification. Definitely something to keep in mind.

    Thanks for the persuasive words!

  5. I love reading your words…but I adore the level of engagement I feel from listening to your voices. It feels as if you are both sitting across the kitchen table as I drink my morning coffee. Talk about know-like-trust.

    • Totally agree with that comment! You guys definitely are good with building the know-like-trust pillars of online success.

  6. I am not native, so I always have troubles to pick the persuasive words. Though, I believe that a good image and presentation in general can say 1000 words and doesn’t need a translation.

  7. Time sensitive copy gets clicked. Point blank. Lazy copy rarely gets clicked. Quick, now, instantly, all get clicked. Persuasive copy persuades by appealing to the need for folks to get what they want fast.

    Smart tips Jerod!

  8. This was great, will definitely be listening to these from now on.

    Found the comment about the word ‘Free’ actually devaluing your product in some cases really interesting. Teaches you to be aware of the industry you’re selling to.

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