Two Words That Will Make You a Smarter Content Marketer

Two Words That Will Make You a Smarter Content Marketer

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  1. “Only the paranoid survive.” Oh, yes; well said, sir! It’s common practice to perform A/B split testing for email campaigns – why not for other forms of copy? Great article with a few good reminders.

  2. This was a fantastic post! In an ego battle the market always wins.

    I just started to read ‘Being Direct’ by Lester Wunderman, who is the creator of modern direct response marketing. It’s spellbinding. Although much of the book deals with direct mail techniques, Wunderman developed sophisticated methods to test every ad and every offer to demonstrate ROI for clients, and to better understand what to improve next time. His methodology and intent is as relevant as ever.

    The tools we have to test our ideas online can deployed quickly and at very little cost. In the end, testing is about how well we understand the human mind. And in this arena there’s always room to grow.

  3. Good point, Damian. There’s really only one way to find out the most effective method. With my own copy, I’m always trying out a few different things until I find one that works.

  4. Testing is like flossing: advised by all the experts, used by very few.

    And for good reason – testing is hard. To get a quality test result it takes a lot of traffic and a lot of time.

    I’m no expert but I find a lot of value in following best practices and tweaking them a little for my own purposes.

    Here’s an alternative.

  5. I like your post, testing is important, it is in other word evaluating your ideas, and nothing can be developed without evaluation.

  6. Hello,

    This is a timely post because I am ‘testing’ the color scheme of my website. I changed the color of my links (not sure if this will make a difference) and sign up form. I’d love to have my website redesigned. 🙂

    My content writing will be revamped too. I’d like to include more media such as videos, images, and screenshots into my blogs. And I need to approach content writing differently. I’ve been holding back, and it’s time for me to let go.


  7. They say that successful business people are ‘Optimistically Paranoid’ which is a healthy paranoia to stay on your toes and not drive yourself nuts! Testing can take off some paranoia pressure by providing clearer answers to what works.

    Optimism + Paranoia + Testing = great formula for business strategy

  8. Totally agree on the importance of testing. Sometimes it can sting a little to see numbers that don’t back up copy that you’ve invested a lot into, but it will only make your work better. You can only fly blindly for so long until you hit a wall!

  9. Every time I bring up a new idea, I always follow it up with my favorite reminder: ‘Only testing will tell.’

    I found some new testing resources in your post. Thanks!

  10. Great advice! “If you don’t test your ideas, then you’re just groping around in the dark … ignorant (perhaps blissfully) of the truth of what you create.” Sometimes we are afraid to fail. We can’t let this get in the way of our progress in creating great content.

  11. Here’s a word that applies to everyone, whatever they’re trying to accomplish: perseverance. Without testing, of course, you could easily persevere at doing something that doesn’t work or doesn’t work as well as something else could, but without perseverance, you’re guaranteed to go nowhere.

  12. Hi Demian. Testing is certainly a seductive idea. But I wonder… how much traffic do you throw at your tests before you consider the results statistically significant and are you isolating demographic variables in your traffic?

    • There’s not a magic number … of course the more traffic you throw at a test the less time you need to wait for results. But if low traffic, take a little time. And it matters (no matter how much traffic) that you are looking at it after the spike and seeing if the long tail results changes your outcome.

  13. Thanks for this Demian, a really enjoyable and helpful post, I might add that a similar premise works for independently publishing fiction.

  14. “Only the paranoid survive.”
    I like that quote. You have to be willing to admit when things just aren’t working the way you want them to and maybe, just maybe, you were wrong about it all. Be worried that things are going to crash and burn but keep trying anyway! You can’t let paranoia hold you back but it can keep you pushing!

  15. “Test” is a key factor to work by. We don’t honestly know how clients etc respond until we have some basis for statistics. Great to see someone not relying entirely on “gut instinct.”

    • True, and you can sharpen that gut instinct with testing. This is what I mean when I tell people “I have a hunch mine will win because of x, y, and z.” I can make statements like that because of what I’ve seen occur through testing.

  16. Thanks for the great post. Being wrong really hurts sometimes, but it helps make you better and gives you experience you wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t tried. It really does go back to testing!

    • Getting that feedback is critical to improving. We learn more from our failures than our successes, but we can learn from it all, too, but only if we are testing. Thanks for commenting Jameson.

  17. As a newbie, I don’t have lots of traffic to do testing. In fact, my current site is a fairly static one as I focused on other things. I have a new blog oriented site in process and am trying to learn and load my post queue prior to launch.

    How would you advise a rookie like me to “test”?


  18. Thanks for contributing this post: some really useful ideas here. It is a welcome addition to this excellent blog. Please keep up the good work.

  19. Thanks for the tips Demian, I’m a blogger who post contents on living and surviving Street life and I also include entertainment reports and trending news in my posts, lately I decided to test my posts to know which ones generate the highest views and I discovered that my posts on life and survival get more views than the entertainment news and the others simply because their are so many other blogs that are into entertainment news and by the time I post this news some other blogs already did thereby reducing the number of views that particular post generates but unlike my posts on life and survival, it generates more views because you wont find it on any other blogs because that’s the content my blog majors in and since I decided to upload more of my kind of posts and it’s been working for my blog because now I get more views and followers too on social media,,,my point is testing your content really works for any content provider, you have to know what to post that will be accepted and generate views, though sometimes it takes a lot of patience and consistency too but testing your content to know your market and what to sell does the trick because it’s doing it for me now, although I’m not there yet but their’s a lot of improvement and your post here is an eye opener on how to do better and get more out of my contents, thanks Damien, thumbs up.

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