The Flaky Writer’s Foolproof Guide to Meeting Deadlines

The Flaky Writer’s Foolproof Guide to Meeting Deadlines

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  1. These are some really serious points to avoid procrastination of work by doing the things in an organized manner. I really need to hide my phone strategically 😉 and I’m also registering myself on Creative Foundation Course.

  2. I was a very flaky young persona in many ways. It took me years to realize I was self sabotaging because of self doubt and fears of success and failure. I love this article it really clarifies a lot of what I had to face and learn. Great Job!

    • Thanks for sharing, Misty!

      Self-sabotage is so tricky because it’s not obvious.

      It really takes time (and self-awareness) for all of us to face and learn the lessons that help us see better results.

  3. It’s my habit to rank the points and select the topmost one when I go through a list post. Here I think, ‘marinating the idea’ was the best one. I remember having read somewhere, “Don’t think you’re not working if you’re thinking deeply. It’s more a work than even the writing itself.” I believe unless you marinate or compost your ideas in your brain you can’t write a good post.
    Thanks a lot Stefanie.

  4. Hi Stefanie, I love this article! You have given some great advice and valuable tips on being a responsible writer who meets deadlines.

    This is an area that many freelance writers struggle with, as it can be hard to stick to deadlines when you are working on your own.

    I agree that starting early helps, giving you time to make adjustments if needed and keeping you from feeling overwhelmed by the approaching deadline.

    Making a plan and sticking to it is essential for successfully meeting deadlines.

    I also think taking regular breaks is essential to keep your mind sharp and creative juices flowing – this can help with productivity too!

    Finally, joining a community like Copyblogger definitely has its benefits.

    It allows you to learn from more experienced writers and provides access to additional resources and support, which is essential for any freelance writer looking to make a living from their work.

    Overall, this was an excellent article! Thanks for your insights, Stefanie!

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