Is Your Copy Less Than Fresh?

Is Your Copy Less Than Fresh?

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  1. I’m not even sure the updated versions are that fresh. I think the way forward now is to pull on some of the Joe Vitale ideas and turn all of the “We” statements into “You” statements.

  2. Excellent article! It seems I am always having this conversation with my clients lately. The web and the people using it have evolved and our marketing needs to reflect that.

  3. I love this. Freshen it up. I have worked with stylists that talk about the same thing all day/all week. Get on the internet and get something new in your life. And I recomend all stylist to build a client email list. I send out monthly/bi monthly specials. Especially in the slower months. Add more value, give them something special besides blah blah blah.
    Patti Harmon

  4. You are hit it on the head with “sell the benefit”. What will the customer get?

    The key is to be exact in your benefits.
    My local grocery tells me I get all natural meat.
    My local tire store tells me I can get in and serviced in 10 minutes.


  5. Another rockin’ post by the Men with… check that- by the man with pen.
    You’re exactly right, especially when it’s an Internet business.
    Keep the copy specific and relevant.
    The best way to keep your message fresh is to build a lasting relationship with your customers. If you’re constantly engaged then you’re always going to be on top of your clients needs.

  6. Yes! Those “benefits” you listed at the end, are so true! I’ve seen it a hundred times….just regurgitated content!

    Some businesses simply don’t understand that creativeness is key when it comes to content. No one wants to hear/read the same old stuff they’ve been hearing for years!

    Thanks for the article.

  7. This reminds me of the business classic “Who Moved My Cheese?” We sometimes keep going back, stubbornly, to the place where the cheese used to be and wait for it to return. Things are changing and the cheese will keep moving.

  8. Your post is one of the few that has reinforced the lack of strength that “fake benefits” have. Although some “emotional” advertising has a place for superfluous and promo-type writing, most do not. From my experience, younger writers tend to want to add that fluff to even the most newsy of writing (as I was trying to train future journalists). As writers, in whatever discipline, the importance of using pointed, well-placed words is increasing as search engine optimizing algorithms continue to place higher rankings on specific, news-like documents. We can do each other a favor by working to dismantle promo fluff and emotionally nonspecific words in our writing.

  9. James:

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes. Along with updating our message I believe business owners/managers should consider changing the way we listen to our audience.

    The old tools (surveys/focus groups) are okay but have intrinsic flaws. I believe a good follow up blog post would be some tips/techniques for using social media, and other tools as listening opportunities.

    Just my input for whatever it’s worth.

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  10. That’s a good point, John, there are lots of new tools for listening to the conversation and figuring out what’s actually bugging people.

    Great idea to go back and try to look with fresh eyes every so often. The world changes fast these days. And freshening up your content lets you tweak it to better match/attract your perfect customers, as well.

  11. Good points there.

    We just upgraded our site with a new look and feel. This caused me to review some of the old pages and I found myself rewriting them.

    It was useful exercise for two very important reasons.

    1) I write better copy these days so it was good to refresh the old copy with my new skills!

    2) Some of the stuff I had written was out of date and now wrong! Very embarrassing as people visitiing your site tend to think all the copy is current!

  12. Keeping content fresh is about variety. Revisiting old blog posts or articles makes you realise the mistakes you may have made or give another perspective about what to write about. Great advice.

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