How to Make the Move from Fearless Freelancer to Remarkable Digital Entrepreneur

How to Make the Move from Fearless Freelancer to Remarkable Digital Entrepreneur

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  1. Hi Danny,
    You’re rocking! I know your great success on Upwork. As newbie freelancer writer, I thought Upwork isn’t for getting high paying clients. But after reading articles on your site and Upwork hacks you’re sending through email, now I knew there is a lot of quality clients out there. Thanks for the amazing information!

    Hearty congratulations to the one of the best sites on the blogosphere. For seasoned freelancers like you, I think It may be easy to turn into a digital entrepreneur by using excellent resources in DCI.

    Anyway, thanks for an awesome post.

    • Hi Danny – Wow, I think you were speaking directly to me on this post, because I’m in the midst of making that transition for freelancer-for-hire to a digital entrepreneur right now. I especially like how you reminded me that I don’t need to be a “world-class expert” to create awesome content, and everything else that supposedly goes with it. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • That’s a great takeaway. I like to think of the first time I hired a personal fitness trainer…what I mainly cared about was that he knew more than I did.

    • Yup it’s true, if you look around there really are lots of great clients…and resources like DCI that make it much easier to become a digital entrepreneur!

  2. Thanks so much for the article! I really struggle creating a lot of quantity so it’s great to know that if one focusses on quality, you can still have great success without the stress of pumping out blogs every waking hour! Thanks again.

    • Definitely. Creating content also gets easier the more you do it. I write down every idea in a Google Doc and then I always have a list of things to write about. So you can try that as well.

  3. This article comes at the perfect time: I am in the process of transitioning from freelance writer to writing agency owner, and there’s just so much to think about. My main concern has been that I don’t have a lot of work published under my own byline, although I have done ample successful ghostwriting over the past few years. You saying that I don’t need tons of traffic or subscribers to get started makes this all feel more achievable. Thanks for all the insight!

  4. Ironically, my own business breakthroughs took place when I realized that when I was a freelancer I was also a business owner and took steps to run my freelancing like a business. This involved a major shift in thinking that took several years.

    The dichotomy between freelancer and entrepreneur is a false and misleading one, in my opinion.

    • Great point. For most of us starting an online business, we’re not looking to create a large enterprise — it has more in common with freelancing than, say, building a Fortune 500 company!

  5. Hey Danny, Thanks for the post, Even I am going from the same phase. I am a Freelancer from last 4 years and now moving to build my own online business. Your advice will definitely help me in this move.

  6. Another informative post. As a freelancer I learn lot from the post. I’ll try to implement all these things within a very short period of time.

  7. Thanks for an insightful article Danny. Regarding number 5), what is your advice for leveraging low-quantity content? E.g. I imagine you are repurposing/redistributing those 7 posts to get more mileage out of them, instead of just hitting publish (and sharing/tweeting) once? Curious about your strategy here. Thanks

  8. Valuable Tips to start as an Entrepreneur & I have also got tips related to Guest blogging which is really difficult to tackle. Your tips shows me a another direction. I will try in that way.
    Thanks Danny!

  9. Thank you for posting this! I think many entrepreneurs get bogged down in what they think they need to be successful right out of the gate. It’s refreshing to see a great list that debunks a lot of the “old wisdom”.

  10. Hey Danny great article based on your personal experience, i am also a freelancer since last couple of years and i also had lot of free time in a day and after reading this post i am also looking for start my very own online business.

  11. Thanks for the inspiring post Danny. Just yesterday I listened to the Digital Entrepreneur podcast on which you were featured and then I find this post quite by accident (maybe a sign) ;-).

    I hear a lot and digital mentors urging us to go for it. Put our “thing” out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as we know something more than someone else, we are an expert to them.

    One of my biggest huddles, however, is the thought that if something is already out there, and better, what’s the point of putting out an inferior version of the same concept.

    I am a WordPress developer and digital marketer. It seems like the web is GLUTTED with How-To’s and Done-For-You’s, to the point where it just seems like it’s all already available. What do I have to add that’s better than the fabulous stuff already out there?

    So, those are my “thought demons”. And in spite of them, I press on, but I sure would love to dialogue about it.

    Thanks again for the inspiring post and triggering my rant.

    • You need to position yourself in a way that helps you stand out. For example a personal trainer might specialize in helping busy moms…he might not be the best trainer out there but that positioning will help him get noticed by the people who matter.

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