An Uplifting Journey from Meditation Authority to Bold Business Builder

An Uplifting Journey from Meditation Authority to Bold Business Builder

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  1. All I can say is OMG! I’ve been telling everyone that a holistic practice is perfect for a Rainmaker Platform website! Here is the proof. I’m building my first Rainmaker site, to introduce so many people who do not understand the science of happiness and how they can transform their life through many modalities. I’m also moving my feng shui certification school site (, to a Rainmaker Platform soon and am an Authority enrollee as well as Podcast course. Love this company!!!! I plan to contact Morgan to put me on his list of multi-blogger site to. No grass is gonna grow under my feet!

  2. Pamela, someone needs to list all of the Hero’s Journey articles somewhere please. I could not find them.


    • Hi JD,

      Glad you want to find them. Look for the link in the fifth paragraph of the post that says “See all the Hero’s Journey posts here.” Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the post, really great. I love how this article show in a very calm way how content marketing works. It’s so simple, yet can be so complex. It takes time, but it’s guaranteed.

    • Thanks Daniel. I totally agree…simple and complex at the same time. Simple, in that there are clear step by step processes and actions you can take and principles to follow…and complex in that over time you create a powerful interconnected web of content that is mutually reinforcing and feeding a larger marketing system. And I really think it’s true when you say it’s guaranteed.

  4. Content marketing is major when you’re starting your business. I have learned that marketing when you’re brand new is not just key but also having a great niche that you can build off of and be passionate about at the same time too. Thank you for posting some wonderful information we could all use.

    • Thank you Robert. I totally agree. Having a great niche that you can build off of and be passionate about at the same time makes all the difference. Otherwise, I think it’s much harder to find the creative mojo to keep going over the long haul.

  5. Hi Morgan,
    Your story has been VERY helpful for me – thank you very much.
    I have one question though:
    You say that in order to make more money – you had to start
    My question is: Why didn’t you use to increase your income?
    Why did you start another site from scratch – instead of building on top of what you had already built with
    Thank you very much again – sincerely.
    Best regards,

  6. Hi Joseluis,
    Thanks for the feedback and for this great question. I definitely thought about that a lot–using to increase my income. Here’s the short version.

    My business partner, Tom Bershad, and I had mapped out a strategy for upgrading the website and taking the business to the next level. It was kind of a 1 to 2 year plan. But it was going to require a real commitment to stay the course.

    The quickest way I could see to rapidly monetize our About Meditation list was to create and launch a new course. In terms of the income I needed, it would probably need to be a premium course. The time involved in putting that together would have put a pretty big dent in our plans because it would have consumed all our resources.

    On the flip side, by putting the word out to my network that I was launching my content marketing/platform building work, I was able to secure a few key clients right away who signed on for longer term contracts that ensured immediate and reliable income. So the option just felt safer, faster, more exciting, less emotionally draining (I find that product launches, although exhilarating, can take a real bite out of you), and we could stay the course with the strategic plan.

    In the end, I feel I made the right decision, because it’s working for me and my family. However, I definitely don’t want to trade dollars for hours longer than I need to. My long term goal is to build into a thriving educational business that generates enough revenue to pay my partner and I a living wage.

  7. So great to see Morgan here! He’s one of the folks we had the good fortune to meet face-to-face at our live event, and we’ve been enjoying watching the progress of his business. 🙂

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