Content Marketing Gets Real: An Interview With Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz

Content Marketing Gets Real: An Interview With Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz

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  1. That interview is absolutely hilarious. It seems confidence is everything. Obviously this person has a lot of confidence and doesn’t think twice about what they’re doing.

  2. I always get soooo many ideas when I read Naomi’s stuff. Always always. That’s why I love it! She helps me grow my business potty mouth and all.

    Things I loved about this interview:
    #1 – Naomi encouraging us to reveal how scared sh*tless we all are. When she writes about it, I know I can too. Seriously ironic is be willing to reveal your imperfect stuff and this creates connection; not the expert stuff we *think* we need to share.

    #2 – Write to one person. Still practicing this & getting better. But honestly, when I get ready to write a sales page, I usually stalk someone elses sales page so I can get into the feeling of being the buyer and then ask myself questions like, “how’d they do that? what made me want this?” Now, I don’t have to. I can just remember this tip instead.

    PS. Very cool audio on the “confirm subscription page” for the free teleclass. Again, always more good ideas.

    Thanks, thanks and thanks again!

  3. Three of my faves all in one place: Copyblogger, Sonia and Naomi. Good stuff. Naomi, you are human. That’s why people love you. My favorite thing you said here (and this is saying a lot) is that if you wouldn’t say it to your mom, it doesn’t belong on the page. Well said and I agree. I didn’t know I subscribed to that advice until just now, but I totally do. For the record, I too talk to my mom like that, also with all the implied hugs. She swears like a sailor and I have to keep up.

  4. I think Brian had another subdural hematoma when he read all the swearing in this. 🙂 (Hmmm, maybe I should have added even more asterisks.)

    I hope it comes through why I love Naomi so much. She really gives a damn, which is probably why she’s so good at what she does.

  5. You just made my day. Thanks for making me laugh. I love both of you and am very excited to see what you have in store for us. Thank you both for everything! Have a happy day!

  6. Suddenly, I feel much better about playing hooky at conferences. I love this post because there is stuff here that isn’t re-hashed everywhere else. Thank you!

  7. This is great for anyone who thinks marketing is axiomatically sleazy: they can see it’s not.

    I’d love to hear the audio on this. No bleeping necessary.

  8. That was possibly one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever read. I amaze some people with my potty mouth so it’s nice to see I’m not the only one. I’ve been hanging on Naomi’s every word for awhile now and she’s definitely one of the very few REAL online business people. I’d say internet marketer but that just doesn’t sound right.

  9. I guess that is why we are estranged, Naomi could never talk to me as she appears to be able to talk to her “mom”, and if you believe her on that one, I have a few lots you can buy in Florida.

    Her Dad!

  10. F***, that was hilarious! Naomi, you’re a girl after my own “potty mouth heart”. This interview is a great example of how realness sells. Much like sex sells but funnier and without having to get naked. 😉

  11. I love Naomi, and you rock too Sonia! 🙂 I really enjoyed this interview, swearing and all. It really makes it real.

    Oh and the Frank Kern with boobs thing is pretty hilarious. We need more “famous successful people with boobs” on the Internet, and I don’t mean Britney Spears. More Naomi’s would be cool with me though. 😉

  12. @Nathalie, definitely. More boobs! 🙂

    It makes me happy that I was able to share the Naomi goodness with those of you who hadn’t met her yet. (Although perhaps some of you have been rendered unconscious by the asterisks.)

  13. Great interview. Why hide your true self? Naomi’s success demonstrates that people want to buy from someone they like and a lot of people like Naomi…swearing, short hair, and all.

  14. No exaggeration about the f***ing profanity. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall of that bar. I like the advice Naomi gives. Be true, be yourself, treat your audience like he/she is the only person being talked or solicited to. It does create a sense of intimacy, caring, and such.

    I loved the interview, you had me on the floor LMAO.
    🙂 thanks for the bit of humor.

  15. ok…ok…I know you are trying to convince people that “anybody” can start an online business, even “non-technical” people. But don’t you think the iphone bit was a bit too much?

  16. I’m taking a couple of hours off from thinking about my own stuff to bask in the brilliance of other people’s stuff. Well, some other people’s stuff.

    And you and Naomi are two of the coolest other people I know of. Thank you for the fly-on-the-wall slice of SXSW. Believe it or not, it gave even more dimension to Naomi. And I love that she didn’t go to the conference sessions. I like to stay off site and stroll through the halls of a conference once or twice. People think I am VERY busy. I’m actually having a lot of lunches and teas and fun.

    And of course I signed up for your free stuff. I’m not stupid.


  17. FINALLY!!!!!!! Someone who talks to regular people! I just spent the whole weekend being brushed off and told that I couldn’t have a dream because I didn’t have enough money to start. I say I can. I’m scared, but my heart is leading me to reach out to those people like me who have a dream that won’t let them go. I would never tell them to put their dream on hold and go get a f***g job the way I was, not when they paid what I did to attend the event, especially.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Naomi about writing to just the reader – there may be millions of ’em, but you’re writing to one at a time and all the money paying fancy copywriters in the world won’t change that.

    Go Naomi! and thank you, Sonia for this awesome post!

  18. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would not hesitate to have my 13-year-old son read this interview, simply based on the pure content. Awesome work. Second point, I *need* to review my approach on how I build up my blog/internet business or whatever you want to call it.

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