Link Karma IV: Link Night at the Apollo

Link Karma IV: Link Night at the Apollo

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  1. Man… still too easy!

    Yep, Rocky IV, where Apollo Creed bit the dust at the hands of Drago.

    Enjoy your three day work week. 🙂

  2. Just a movie buff, with a head full of random knowledge.

    Oh, and BTW – you were inspiration for one of the headlines, Brian. I tweaked the “3 Valuable Lessons…” title based on some of your tips.

    No doubt, Buck. It’s very cool when someone whose writing you enjoy and respect finds value in something you’ve written. I definitely appreciate it.

  3. Being a *HUGE* fan of Chris Pearson and Cutline, hooray. Pretty much the entire Grasshopper New Media platform is slowly morphing into Cutline-ville.

    But thanks also for link love from the greatest superhero in the lands of building buzz.

    I’ve been a fan for .. well sheesh… what, since 2006 at least. : )

  4. I bloody hate that movie. I can’t tell you how many times growing up people referred to me as “Ivan” is some pathetic fake russian accent.

  5. Good post. I don’t think it’s a reference to a Rocky film, though. Apollo is a famous nightclub, a couple of mivies have the name in their title, such as “A Night at the Apollo” (Tony Bennet, Jacko, Diana Ross 2002) or “Amateur Night at the Apollo”. I’m taking Th-Fri off.

  6. As someone who’s just starting out on the whole blog-train (at least at work, I’ve had a personal blog for a while), this list is *extremely* useful.

    Thanks much for posting it!

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