The History of Link Bait

The History of Link Bait

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  1. Hey Baiter-dude,

    I quit visiting forums 2 years ago because of all the ‘marketers’ who complained that someone was trying to make money by selling them something.

    Now that same group seems to have teleported themselves over to the blogosphere.

    I get people over at my blog that tell me how to sell. I follow the link back to their blog about HBO and how they recorded 80 hours of shows to watch this week and they’re telling me how to sell. OMG !

    Here’s what that type is missing – You guys are too busy reading what Brian writes … you need to ‘read’ why he wrote it and what he’s trying to accomplish with what he wrote.

    This IS a blog about copy, in case you missed that part.

    And yes, Copy Master, this grasshopper is watching what and how and not just reading.

  2. A term, is a term, is a term. I think anything could have evil connotations if you choose to view it through that lens. I thought the post itself made a great point and was very baitworthy. So much so, that I happened to link to it today.

  3. Michael and Mike, I’m not worried about you two getting it. 🙂

    And Tony, that’s a great post. Just bookmarked it at Delicious.

  4. Thanks for that line about kids doing what they’re passionate about, Tony.

    That brought clarity to a situation in my head that was cloudy.

  5. Brian, whether you are a sleazy marketer or not depends on whether your bait is any good. Cheap bait is sleazy. Good bait has meat.

    Annie Dillard tells a story of a starving Eskimo. She had a hook, a line, and a knife. For bait, she cut a piece of meat from her own thigh.

    Good bait comes from our own flesh and blood and guts. And it leaves a scar.

  6. There once was a blogger named Brian
    Whose readers were wailin’ and cryin’
    “Link Bait is sleazy,
    It’s disgusting and greasy,”
    But linking’s the trade that he’s plyin’

  7. Im thinkin’ Anthony deserves special recognition for that fine work.

    We should all link to him and find a way to make him feel loved.

    How ’bout it team ? Whattaya say ?

  8. Hey wordsmith …. what’s wrong with this sentence?

    “Or that “link bait” is a euphemism for high-quality content that benefits the reader.”

    “Counts his pennies” is a euphemism for greedy miser.

    “Rather large” is a euphemism for fat.

    “Link bait” is not the euphemism. It’s the fat. The euphemism is “high quality content.”

    … just had to say it, sorry for picking nits!


  9. Great article. Opinions of terms are definitely in the eye of the beholder.

    Here’s my two cents…

    “Bait” is a term referring to something that is used to attract. “links” on the web are words with html code that allow users to connect to other web pages.

    Therefore link bait refers to links used to attract readers on the web so they’ll go to other web pages. Seems simple.

  10. Thanks for yet another great post.

    Link bait is essential, but how do you find out what people want?

    It is easy to have a great link bait when you’re an authority in your niche, but for a starting out blog/site it is very hard to accomplish…


  11. Nice article. Actually I m looking for some new and advanced link bait tactics which use Social Media as Facebook and Twitter as well.
    Do you guys know a nice source or up-to-date article you like?
    Would be very helpful. Thx

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