Call Me Tonight if You Have a Question

Call Me Tonight if You Have a Question

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  1. I’ll have to make sure to tune in. Have you ever considered running your own show?

    Also, is there any kind of Chat running during the show? It is great to have for spinoff conversations etc. Perhaps people would be interested in meeting at #copyblogger if there are no other ‘official’ chat facilities…

  2. Brian-I listened to the broadcast this morning. I love the concept. It was great to hear your voice. Talk about feeling a closer connection! I am inspired to try my hand at it too. Keep up the great work.

  3. Brian, you know I’m a fan, but…

    Damn that sucked.

    Scott could have done a much better job preparing for that call. He seemed confused, had low energy, and asked poor questions.

    It was painful to hear, so I know it must have been painful to do. Still, you handled it graciously. In fact, you shined.

    But I’m starting to understand why you don’t grant many interviews. Other bloggers just don’t seem to be prepared.

  4. Hey Jon, I thought Scott did fine, especially considering it was the first show and there were technical difficulties beyond his control.

    I think BlogTalkRadio is a cool service, but there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. It’s brand new so that’s to be expected.

  5. why not just run your own skype cast? the new skype 3.0 beta has the skype casts right on the skype interface it is awesome.
    Always wanted to say that I’m a big fan of your blog!


  6. Make sure to let us know the archive url brian, it’s prob past my bedtime..

    good luck with it

  7. Wow. I just finished listening to it. Even with the few technical glitches the show was really great. It was a really cool way to interact with you.


  8. I think Blog Talk Radio is a great concept. The archiving is what sets it apart. And that profit sharing (however that works). Does Skype let you archive? Anyway, it was nice to be a part of the conversation. Sorry I broke the machine 🙂

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