What Content Creators Can Learn from Professional Artists

What Content Creators Can Learn from Professional Artists

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  1. Hey Sonia!

    There was a lot of great content this week here.

    I really enjoyed the article by Stefanie Flaxman on belief and confidence.

    Content creation, and writing, in general, is an art. I believe we all are artists in our own way. But, of course, we also have the super professional artist who takes their craft to a whole new level, and we can definitely learn a lot from such individuals.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    My best regards! 😀

  2. Really digging the idea of being an artist Sonia. This goads bloggers to write for expression and fulfillment. Versus “just publishing a blog post.”

    I think not of quality of quantity. I write to have fun. But holding the fun intent inspires me to paint a picture with words. Or at least to write from my heart, not holding back. Pretty good at not holding back because I have little fear of criticism. Plus I’ve written millions of words during my online career so I’m kinda clear on my writing voice 😉


  3. One of the hardest things to achieve is to develop great pieces of content while meeting deadlines. As Ryan mentioned before, it’s important to write to have fun. In my case, I have developed content in two phases. On the first phase, I usually end up with some tweaking left to do but I go ahead and deliver whichever content I build in the best way possible. In phase 2, I go ahead and polish the final details so I finish what I consider art. 🙂

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