How to Blog Like Bond. James Bond.

How to Blog Like Bond. James Bond.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    That is so important know how you are and your style. Most will identify this by taking action when blogging. Over time the confidence will build up so we can Shot To Kill!

    Besides all of this…James Bond is the man!

    Chat with you later…

  2. Fantastic post — how you perceive and carry yourself absolutely comes through in your writing. It’s important to remember that when you inevitably encounter some self-doubt.

    One note, though: As awesome as Bond is, and although he always gets the girl, he doesn’t know squat about martinis. Just sayin’.

    • Hey Andrew!

      Thanks for the comment man. Great point about your perception of yourself coming through in your writing.

      If you start to doubt yourself while writing, it will inevitably show up on your blog and people can detect it. Well said!

      Haha about the martini comment, touche’


  3. Style is something that I think is very important. This is one of those differentiation factors that can make you stand out from your competition.

    Having your own unique, (personal) style also helps you attract the people you want to work with the most..

    Plus it’s easier to be yourself than pretending to be someone you’re not..

    thanks for this great post Steve..

  4. Gotta love James.

    Your point about style is true Steve. I think good design shows that you care about beauty … and … it acts to engage people.

    And then you speak your own voice to give that style substance.

    I really know what you mean about being nervous. I’ve been writing a personal blog for over 3 years and never had a moment of fear.

    Just launched a blog for my new online business today … and you’d think I’d never blogged in my life. I keep wandering into the blog to see if anyone has visited or left a comment.

    Amazing how that happens.

    I think I’ll just do a 007 and go make a very dry martini.

  5. James Bond is a little too violent for my blogging tastes. However, there are some really good points in this article that I will take to heart.

    I especially like the part about wit. Going back through the blogs I enjoy reading the most, they all have voice, they all have wit, and they all are masters of their subject. I think Bond would approve.

    Thanks for a great post.

  6. Excellent post. I look forward to sharing these great insights and tips. It does take a while to find your voice and I really agree with the note about being consistent. I think people find comfort and security in knowing they’ll always feel “challenged,” or “enlightened,” or “reflective,” (or whatever it is that you provoke in them) when they read your blog (mine is on life balance, so this is my perspective).

    Thanks for your generosity/perspective. Great stuff!

  7. Love the modest portion of this post, Steve. Just this very morning I was discussing with a coworker this grossly underused business virtue. She and I were agreeing that if your a ninja for instance, then maybe I shouldn’t know you are. And if you’re off ninjaing, maybe you should do so undetected. Yah know, like a damn ninja would do it! I agree that stuff needs bling (hate that term actually) to provide for the initial ooh and ah. We do like that quick fix don’t we. But I love modesty more than aesthetics, more than even style if forced to choose – thankfully I’m not. In my travels I am amazed at how often one can successfully substitute style with authentic humility. I think it’s all together possible that they’re interchangeable assets given the right packaging. There is a mystique, a lure in being modest, humble, ninja-like. Sex sells right? And I think yes, it’s sexy to be unassuming. such draw in quietly being you. I suppose what I’m saying is that if your daily attire includes a cape self-imposed or via indoctrination, then maybe eyeglasses and a buttondown persona is a nice approach to showing, not telling. All my personal heroes shut up and just do/did it. MLK, Gandhi, Mother Teresa. Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Imagine Chris Brogan or Seth Godin said that referring to successful blog blueprinting? It would get a million RTs and come off sounding like smart, modern, 2.0 advice. Humility, Steve. It’s everything. That Gandhi. He was one sharp blogger. Thanks for a terrific read. It got me musing.

  8. I think voice and style are so important when blogging. I read the same blogs over and over (like this one) because I know they will give me something good every time. Great post!

  9. It’s rare that I totally agree with any article/post on anything, but this post is just such a post. Simple, to the point, spot on.

    Great Title too. Hat’s off to Steve for this great post. Sid

  10. Whoa. I just became a Bond fan.

    Thanks for the creatively delivered advice. I’m a novice/casual blogger and can definitely learn from the Bond.

    Principles also applicable in life, no? 🙂

  11. I’ve never been a Bond fan, but I am of this piece.

    “Words are like bullets — don’t waste them. If you can say it in 500 words, why spend 1000?”

    Best piece of writing advice ever. Write-edit/cut-write-edit/cut-bang-bang-bang until it’s shot through: in a good way!

    I also revisit sites, like Jon-Mikel Bailey wrote, just for the voice and to know it will be worth the read, even if I’m not that interested in the topic. Because it’s the voice, damn it.

  12. It confirms that in order to become the best you need to master your writing skills and learn from the best. Bond did not
    become 007 agent over night. I think everyone has a chance of becoming 007 in this blogosphere world. Like you said, persistence is the key.
    Great Post 🙂

  13. Be yourself…. and be authentic in your voice and everything you do or say… our social world online has enhanced the quality of all of our “b.s. detectors”

  14. Great Post, I think focus is the key, many people just write on all topics you need to focus on what you good at and how can you help others. So next time someone ask where can I get some good information about Debt you will remember, Manvsdebt because that his focus and he is helping others to get out of debt.


  15. Thanks for such a wonderful and well written article. I found it very helpful to the point that I’m excited about “finding my true self” in my future blog posts. I will be starting some new articles soon (well, after I return home from vacation.)

  16. I love the bit about confidence, and it reminds me of my favourite quote from the genius film that is: Convoy.

    When asked why he’s called the Rubber Duck, Kris Kristofferson smoothly replies:

    “because my daddy said always be like a duck, glide smooth on the surface and paddle like the devil underneath.”

    I think that’s what it’s like being a blogger or blogging for business, no-one wants to see you freaking out. Of course it happens, but it’s good to keep it to your side of the computer screen.

    Over and out…

    • I totally agree!

      Or if you’re going to fess up, fess up afterwards. “Oh yeah, I worked my tail off on that launch and nearly lost all my hair, I was so stressed. Ha ha ha.” But don’t whine while you’re in the middle of it, no one cares and it just makes you look like a weenie.

  17. Steve,

    Super cool post.

    Love the focus on not having to shout that you’re great. It’s amazing how much attention can come from staying out of the spotlight, but doing a great job.


  18. Strikingly remarkable Steve. Confidence, style, voice, seductive destroyer by nature – Bond embodies it all. He knows it and he lives it, letting his actions speak for themselves.

    I believe that his success (getting out alive) comes from knowing his tools, knowing his mission, and leveraging his resources to get through anything.

    He’s a great model to pull something from, mission accomplished man!

    • Whoa …. Brandon!

      Thank you for your comment.

      “I believe that his success (getting out alive) comes from knowing his tools, knowing his mission, and leveraging his resources to get through anything.”

      1. Knowing your tools.
      2. Knowing your mission
      3. Knowing the resources to leverage

      It just hit me and you are so right. Categories! I needed categories!

      You just really helped me. Give yourself a hug!

  19. Thanks Steve for the article.

    I do struggle with figuring out an online voice, because it depends on the topic and audience. For example, when I talk to people offline, the way I deliver a message depends on the venue, topic, the other person (audience) and sometimes the way I feel that day, while the message or point would remain the same. I can be serious, deep, funny and sometimes a combination.

    I understand the need for your audience to know what they are getting. It makes sense … consistency… People feel uncomfortable if things change.

    How about a site called Surprise? Who knows what you are going to get, it’s a surprise.

  20. I really appreciate the advice in this blog as well as the clever Bond analogy. Besides some obvious aspects of blogging – topic ideas for blog posts and writing well – I think you’ve covered some very important features of successful blogs. I’m in a master’s program for professional writing and this semester I’ll be learning how to create my own interactive website, which will include a blog. I’ve thought a lot about style, how I want my website to look, the colors I want to use, the lay-out of my pages. But I hadn’t thought much about my personal style, or how I’m going to incorporate that into my blog. I believe my vision for the overall website design will depict my style to a point, but I’m glad you’ve pointed out author’s voice as well. Do I want to be casual and friendly? Or do I want to sound professional and calm? You’ve given me something to think about.

    Another issue I hadn’t considered was “staying cool under pressure.” So far, I’ve just been concerned with how to create my website, what the content will be, and whether I’ll catch my grammar and mechanics mistakes before I put my text on the page. I hadn’t actually envisioned the success part yet – or how that success might let some “villains” sneak in. Hopefully I’ll remember your advice if and when my blog gains readership.

    Thanks again for the advice!

    • Hey Jess,

      Thanks for the comment. I think finding that voice for yourself is key, and will certainly take time for it to develop. I seriously wrote for 9 months before realizing that I was writing generic blogs that I wasn’t happy writing and that could be found anywhere in the world.

      It wasn’t until I finally applied my every day personality to my blogs and my writing that I found my voice and things started to take off.

      Staying cool under pressure is certainly tough – there will always be villains and haters who cannot build or contribute so they chose to spend their time tearing down those around them. Ignore those people and embrace the ones that DO get it.


  21. Great post Steve. Loved the hook. When you say “James Bond”, for me it will always be Sean Connery. Heck, he leaves me breathing hard even now! Yowza! lol

  22. My favorite part:

    “If you can say it in 500 words, why spend 1000?”

    Clarity and brevity are two things lacking in many blogs. Too often people write until they run out of things to say, then hit “submit”, rather than going back and refining their message.

    Careful editing and revising will not only improve your writing style, but improve your readership. If you are clear and concise, people will read (and hang on to) every word, because they know every sentence is important, and that your posts aren’t filled with fluff and filler.

    PS. As someone heavily involved in the spy and surveillance industry, I loved the James Bond-themed post!

    • Absolutely Jason,

      And even though I do my best to refine and edit and cut down, I still struggle with shortening my posts – I guess years of “you have to write a paper that is at least x number of words or x number of pages” taught me to write tons of fluff to fill up space.

      Now I’m finding that the more I can do in the less amount of words, the less work I have, and the less reading my readers have to do, the happier everybody is!

      As for spy and surveillance, I’ll take some night-vision goggles and a jet pack please!


  23. I have learned so much from this article. Bond’s clear purpose caused him not only to react to every situation. He creates situations.

    You inspired me to make my blog create new realities for my readers too.

    My name is Menguin, Jef Menguin.

  24. Hey Steve

    Love your style!

    Hyperbole, exaggeration, and gratuitous self-promotion have unfortunately become commonplace – click my name for a posting I wrote about ‘Celebrating Yourself Online’ or an ‘Online Ass’? – love to hear your comments.


  25. Steve, great post, thank you. Love the metaphore.

    I agree with the part “it’s ok to be witty” – though balancing that with the overall message is sometimes hard.


  26. Thank you for giving us such useful tips about blogging. No other example could best suit here other than that of James Bond ! Blogs should have a nice tag line stating the purpose of the blog.

  27. Steve this post is a licence to thrill and scared the living daylights out of me as I’m not sure my style is clear. I have to agree with all you say and a very clever use of James Bond to make your point as he’s a big screen hero we all know. But to be a small screen hero blogging it is wise to employ what you say. I’m going to re-read your post and hope I’m not shaken or stirred except into action!

    • I thought this was a fascinating and thought provoking article.

      However I do have to say I disagree slightly with your inteperation of why bond is so succesful.

      I think one side your completely right, but there’s a subtle distinction that your not making.

      Scott P. Daily touched on it.

      Mystique is the keyword.

      Bond has spades of mystique. The reason bond is so seductive to woman is his mystery not his transparency.

      His external tastes and objectives are well defined. However who IS bond? We don’t see much of his personal life in between jobs. He remains a mystery. Mystery is an important quality for attractiveness.

      You can only infer that he is a man of luxury, humor, confidence, and capability. You are only privvy to his qualities. Because of this, you are intrigued. You want to find out – who is the man behind the social mask?

      He is both revealing and intriguing at the same time. He introduces himself by his full name: Bond, James Bond but you die to know what’s under his smooth, well calculated exterior.

    • I think that’s a great point — and one I think has been touched on with the most recent movies. They’re delving into the backstory that created that enigmatic figure, who he was before the mask fell so firmly in place.

      Most superheroes have that element of mystique, the quality of being misunderstood. Neat point.

  28. Awesome…I enjoyed every word. I’m a fellow Bond fanatic, or should I say tragic, and dare I say it but if Bond was a blogger he would be bigger than both problogger and copyblogger put together – the man is a freak!

    Thanks for sharing.


  29. This post is elegant, witty writing, of a quality I rarely see in the cyberworld where writers tend to be more quick than careful.

    Your idea is a clever one and it held me to the end.

  30. Creative, enjoyable, and informative post. My favorite posts are from writers I feel like I get to know through their writing. So, yes, we must know ourselves first.

    Writing more definitely helps me find my voice. I find myself writing about the same strategies with different topics. I discover I am witty and okay with sharing myself.

    It is a process, there are always more villains to slay!

  31. I like the fact that you revealed about how you agonized over the negative comment thing. I did the same thing. I didn’t get a response but it’s still nice to know that even the experts started out the same way. There are a few times where I have to remind myself that the big guys are just as human as I am.

  32. Modesty is good, but sometimes it’s okay to write a Dr. Phil-style post to grab a reader’s attention, if the subject is really significant.

  33. Wow, Steve, awesome post.

    Many bloggers struggle to find to their voice, or rather, to share their voice. They doubt their capabilities. They worry: will my readers like my writing style? What about if my writing isn’t that great to my readers? Will I get tired of my style? Will my readers get tired of my style?

    Truth is, if you write with your style, whatever your style is, and if you write from your heart, and you provide first-rate content, your readers will simply love you, and love you more. A snowball effect will happen – your current readers will tell others about your blog, and soon, you will be having a larger blog readership.

    Yes, blog with style, and don’t worry about readers who may make unreasonable criticism. Constructive criticism is OK; a well-presented different opinion is fine too, these contribute to captivating debate. But is you have a reader that leaves negative comments, don’t let that affect your style.

    I will watch several of my favorite James Bond movies again this weekend to refresh my mind about that impeccable James Bond Style and apply that to my writing / blogging.

    I like your sharp, engaging and captivating writing style.

    Thanks – great read!

  34. Hi, Steve.
    First let me say you did guest-post like Bond, James Bond. This made me wonder who your fav. bond is? It is almost always Sean Connery with men and Pierce Brosnan with women (I am a woman and I am not challenging the status quo with this one, unfortunately:) ).

    Anyway, I blog mainly about the entertainment world. I review movies, tv shows, books and albums, and I write fun trivia about celebrities. Even when I write about career management or blogging, I still have a lot of celebrity/entertainment analogies. Let’s face it, it is more fun to write like thid and a lot of people will know what you are talking about.

    So, I loved your style and found the analogy spot-on. Now, if I want to go a little feminist on everyone where, I’d love to blog like Sydney Bristow from Alias. She can kick-ass, is gorgeous, can tackle any complicated task. She is vulnarable and knows her faults but she does get the job done.

  35. I’ve been blogging for a little over one year now, and I always learn new ways to improve my writing when I read copyblogger.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. Remember Bond is one of a kind, carefully selected among the best spies – willing to do what it takes to win (even if it means causing chaos). A great blog should do the same.

    Check my site for a story on Daniel Craig’s bio.

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