How to Stick to a Schedule, Even If You Lack Writing Confidence

How to Stick to a Schedule, Even If You Lack Writing Confidence

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  1. Excellent post Sonia.

    Time pressure seems to be the curse for a lot of bloggers. Deadlines and tight schedules can lead to compromised work. Over the years I’ve found that I have to push back against this and, if something is not quite right or finished, you have to request the extra time to get it right.

    If the content serves no purpose other than filling scheduled space then its not going to help your audience. And we’re in the game of ensuring people can solve problems and not just have some link bait to be shared around by bots.

    Care in your work is vital as you rightly point out.


    • It’s really tricky. Part of it comes down to time management and not putting off writing your article until the last second. (Easier said than done, and I’m no exception to that.)

      And part of it comes from an organizational commitment to giving things the time they need — which, of course, the big clickbait sites don’t feel the need for.

      That gives writers and business like us the opportunity for a big advantage. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the article. It’s just what I needed to hear today to get out of my way and get something published today.

  3. Many thanks for your thoughts!

    Sometimes all you need is a sort of discipline, and I think the editorial standards are perfect tool for that.


  4. Thanks for this article. I’m in agreement with your advice on writing early and giving it time sit and then review. Writing is definitely not my strong suit but I also know how important good content is to readers so I do put in a great amount of effort.

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