Is Your Blog Ginger or Mary Ann?

Is Your Blog Ginger or Mary Ann?

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  1. My blog is SO Mary Ann. I just can’t pull off the Ginger bit. I think it’s the posts about cars that ruin my chances at being all fancy schmancy. But hey, who doesn’t like pigtails, right?

  2. It’s funny. I had a post awhile back asking if anyone ever felt like the Gilligan of real estate when things went wrong. It ended up (not surprisingly) devolving into the same debate you mention here. By the way….Mary Ann was my choice. I think my blog is probably a little bit of both.

  3. Never thought of blogging this way. Do I wish I were Ginger or Mary Ann or both? Great food for thought.

    I guess when you get down to it, for me it’s better to be practical than glamorous. But if anyone of them could build a car from bamboo, why the heck didn’t they get off that island sooner!

  4. As I always say when this debate comes up, who wouldn’t want Ginger and Mary Ann at the same time?

    We are talking about blogging, right? 🙂

  5. Why Copblogger, I didn’t know you felt this way about me!


    I see why you’re known as a wordsmith, fabulous post! I think my blog is more a combination of both and wanting to lean more to Mary Ann.

  6. Well, since I’m still giggling over the “How many bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?” joke, I guess I have to go with Mary Ann.

    “Let me know what YOU think, in the comments.”

    That’s just cracking me up!


  7. Forget about Ginger and Mary Ann. I want my blog to be more like Mrs. Howell. She’s got a lot of money and didn’t work too hard to earn it.

  8. Do we really have to choose? They both are sexy for being on an old show. I think every blog would rather be Ginger. It just seems a little bit more exciting and way more powerful. Then again, if they are both hot though that probably means either way your blog is hot. :s I don’t know about this article. It got me rolling on the floor laughing more than anything. What a funny thing to compare your blog too.

  9. I’m both!

    I was convinced I’d end up being Ginger by the last paragraph, but I’m more… Ginger in her next-door-girl version. People link to me because they like me and I’m not breaking any digg records (actually, because my blog’s in spanish, I’m not even in digg).

  10. You boys and your threesomes. 🙂

    @Carole, bless you for laughing at that, I am glad not to be the only one.

    @James, I think you would look very cute in high heels. Kind the Canadian version of Rocky Horror.

    @Anthony, I like the way you think.

  11. I’m not sure my blog is either of those two, I think it might be more Agent 99 of Get Smart – smart and practical with a little style thrown in, and the occasional one-liner.

  12. I always liked “Fantasy Island” better than Gilligan. If I were a guy, I’d have wanted to be Mr. Rourke, making peoples’ fantasies come true. De plane, de plane!

  13. Man, who wouldn’t want to claim being Mary Ann? You were never sure what you were going to be getting from Ginger, but Mary Ann was always steady and straight forward, and probably the most stable character on the entire show. Loved her!

  14. I think, as my friend Ludacris said, I would want a Mary Ann in the streets but a Ginger in bed.

    Peace up, A-town down.

  15. Ha! I love this blog post. My blog is one of the natives that the group always suspected they were sharing the island with – irreverant, a little weird, and not always noticed.

  16. Truly creative post. thank you!

    Forgeddabout the crew. I want that suitcase that carried everything from candelabra to mink coats. 🙂

    Or maybe I’m that signal fire that always seemed to go out at the wrong moment?

    Perhaps they were MEANT to be on that island forever. An early Groundhog Day.


  17. My blog is Thurston Howell (the Third!) by the way I’m burning cash (like it grows on coconut trees) promoting my new blog! Help me with a click, lovie-dovie!

    (I’m such an idiot… I can’t even type my url into the box correctly. Can’t I hire someone to do that for me?!?)

  18. I wish I could pull off Ginger…I wish I was that good like you, but I’m not. I tend to stick to my main topic guns and try to be outstanding but I doubt I actually am.

  19. Wonderful post, and great question. (And I too laughed at the lightbulb joke!)

    The Office Diet is definitely Mary Ann. Heck, *I* am probably Mary Ann (with a hidden streak of ginger).

    Alpha Student, on the other hand, is an attempt to do what Brian suggests and be both. It’s useful, yeah, but it’s also supposed to be fun, new, not just the same-old-same-old advice but a different take on being a student. And rather than wearing The Office Diet’s hand-me-down and patched Cutline theme, Alpha Student has a style all of its own…

  20. Maybe the best lesson we can learn from Mary Ann and Ginger is just to be yourself, in life and in your blog.

    After all, even if you put a slinky evening gown on Mary Ann, she’d still be friendly, down-home Mary Ann. And if you put blue jean cut-offs and a t-shirt on Ginger, she’d still be a sultry, stuck-up egotist. In other words, they’d be fooling no one.

  21. I’d have to say Ginger. The main reason is there are so many things that I “should” do with my blog if I want to make it really solid but for some reason I just write about what I feel like at any given second

  22. If you got a REALLY private Blog, is it possible to be another person by wrinting on your Blog than in real life?
    I’m Ginger in live AND on my Blog 🙂
    Thx for this post!

  23. As a simple and basic Potato Chef I would hope that Mary Ann would be the lass of my choosing. Besides, I could put her to work in the kitchen…she wouldn’t mind…she would look forward to it.

  24. Amazing, I would have never thought to call myself (my site) Mary Ann, but it fits. Funny, but I always liked her best anywan! Thanks for a really excellent and creative post that a lot of us can still identify with!

  25. I think this is all about broadcasting versus conversing; broadcasters are independent, don’t work with others, and make proclamations, while conversationalists are focused on comments, feedback, and networking.

    Broadcasters make quantum leaps while conversationalists build incremental momentum.

    Mary Ann was a conversationalist while Ginger was a broadcaster.

    I prefer broadcasting… it’s more exciting.

  26. Ha! I love this blog post. My blog is one of the natives that the group always suspected they were sharing the island with – irreverant, a little weird, and not always noticed

  27. Right now my blog is neither. I’m trying to get things going with it to get readers. It is a bit slow maybe because I’ve got to much going on at one time which is my fault. Need to work on maybe 1-3 projects at time until they get established then start working on other projects.

  28. I have been reading about writing a little bit lately. No matter if you create words, or songs, or dances, or buildings, or dresses…..this feeds thought. With such a Ginger name, Sonia sure can be Maryann.

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