Is Beer the Key to Remarkable Blogging?

Is Beer the Key to Remarkable Blogging?

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing stories like this, they are always inspiring… I would make the title of the post ‘Are inspiring stories the key for remarkable stories?’ Thanks again.

  2. I really liked the Schlitz beer story. Coca-Cola copied this a couple years ago with their “filtered five times” campaign for Dasani … which most water bottlers do.

  3. I took the post title literally and came to find out if Brian was serious. I wonder now if it would have had the same effect if instead of “beer” was “wine”.

    The post was highly informative, thank you Brian. I wasn’t familiar with Monsieur Ogilvy until now, thanks to this post.

    Now…trying to incorporate this new info into the home-selling techniques here in Montreal.


  4. What about those bloggers who instead of “tip me” have “buy me a beer” so they get donation money. Do you think people profit from that sort of monetization in their blog?

  5. I live fairly close to and have a friend from Anderson, IN and he’d appreciate this post …except he’s probably in a bar drinking … white wine !

    That was a well thought out, well researched and very edutaining post.

    If you’ll come to Louisville to get it, I’ll buy you a beer.

  6. Brian, I feel the same way about these guys. Hopkins and Eugene Schwartz were spot on. The creativity is in your product and your market. Eugene was right. Hopkins just identified the things that people already knew or did about the beer, and he turned them into concrete benefits.

    Emotional benefits to boot 🙂

    Thanks again,


  7. Yikers!!! theres two of us (shanes that is). While watching my team get their As$es handed to them last night in Anaheim, I payed particular attention to the beer ads (funny that a beer campaign is mentioned in a blog) Brian must have been doing the same last night… anyways I digress a bit. I noticed now that the keyword that theyre playing on is good and alright. Ie the labats blue commercial “The Good stuff” and “the alright stuff” good being Blue and alright being a micro brew from the looks of it. But the telling and selling point was the price point at which googd stuff is good stuff (I don’t drink Blue I drink Canadian) “The Good Stuff” is 18.99 for 28 bottles. SO while the ad tries to differentiate between “good” and “alright” I think the leading edge of that ad campaign was 18.99 for 28 bottles is GOOD. It plays upon or tries to plant a seed of indecision. Apparently regular beer drinkers stand at the cash and can’t make up their minds? I’ve never expereinced that phenomenon :-P. However keiths is good too, but only when I’m at a BBQ , Keiths and Burgers mmmmmm what a combo. Its still a little early here in Canada for Beer. (eek did I just say that?)

  8. Did someone say “beer”? What a perfect way to start off my morning. Now thanks to you, I can’t wait until 5:00 (it’s 9:00am) so I can sit down, toss a few back, and watch the Spurs/Cavs game. *sigh*

  9. One of my all-time favorite quotes: “Sometimes I reflect on all the beer I drink and I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. So I think, ‘It is better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.’”
    Who penned this fine copy? See
    (this blogging is making me thirsty…)

  10. Great examples Brian. I’ll add that you if you do reach that tipping point after one too many beers you may very well write a remarkable post. Just maybe not the kind of post you want people to remark about.

  11. I would substitute “hard core exercise” for beer, but the principle is the same. Slightly altering one’s consciousness is extremely good for generating ideas to write about or discovering new SEM techniques to use for work.

  12. Thanks. Now I can go home early. As my Uncle Angus used to say “I’ve got a Tirst you could photograph!”

  13. Ahhhh….one of my favorite subjects….beer! This is a great post and enlightening as well. Now I have to go to FranchisePick to see where that quote came from, (see comments above).

  14. Be Remarkable By Talking About What Others Take for Granted

    After reading a couple of Seth Godin’s book, I can tell that he uses this formula. He talks about things that are obvious but we don’t pay much attention to.

  15. Just what I thought…American beers are unremarkable unless marketing intervenes.

  16. I’d have to say that my best posts are on a site largely about beer! Of course, I don’t usually drink it while blogging.

  17. Reminded me that in the old Compuserve forum days some of used to refer to being engaged in d&t – drinking and typing.

  18. “What About Drinking Beer While Blogging?”

    how about “blogging while drinking beer”?


    very ecouraging post!

  19. “If you can identify what a group of people really want at an emotional level, and find ways to satisfy that with your content, you’ll have subscribers who love you and recommend you to others.” what haha come on get really you know that was the corniest statement you have ever typed.

  20. In Australia we have a very entertaining series of ads to sell Victoria Bitter (a popular beer).

    This beer company expands on their own original and very successful ad
    “After a hard day’s work you need a beer…”

    With a whole series of ads about “and after a hard nights drinking there’s the kebab then the trip to the emergency ward for food poisoning”.

    Any VB drinker would tell you that beer is the key to remarkable blogging and I’m sure that’s true.

    Of course there’s a big difference between “remarkable” and readable.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  21. It all comes back to Elmer Wheeler’s “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Nobody buys a slab of dead cow on a plate, but folks do buy the sound of the sizzle, and the way their mouths water in anticipation. They buy what makes them feel good, the benefits. It doesn’t hurt to have a great headline like, “Sell the … . 🙂



  22. Awesome, awesome, awesome post!

    I prefer tequila, but whatever floats your boat.

    Thanks a ton for the drink for thought!

  23. Drink as you write to release the muse… but edit (before posting) the morning after!

  24. “Just stay away from that “tipping point” where you go from inspired to deluded. The truism that too many drinks makes everything look better applies to writing, too. :)”

    That explains my overflowing draft folder. No pun intended. 😉

  25. Hey Brian what is your source for the info on Schlitz Light and Anderson Indiana? That is my hometown so I just had to ask. I stumbled onto your post looking for the phone number of my friend Brian Clark (who lives in Anderson) to see if he can go fishing next week so we both can drink beer together! Not that light stuff though at our age a full body beer is the choice. Good post! Brian

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