How to Craft Timelessly Powerful Stories with Freaks, Cheats, and Familiars

How to Craft Timelessly Powerful Stories with Freaks, Cheats, and Familiars

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  1. I love that you just pinpointed something I couldn’t clarify myself, yet was loosely aware of.
    Great blog as usual! Providing insightful and helpful advice which I imagine helps others as much as it does me.

  2. Thanks for the fantastic picks. I would like to add Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander to the list of remarkable characters. Her story is as shaking as a Game of Thrones character.

    I completely agree that the key to crafting high-impact timeless stories is hidden in creating extra-original characters with an intriguing backstory to tell, one that involves episodes of pain and suffering. Being in dark places is what actually makes characters strong and wise. Stories that depict deep personal dramas is what grabs readers by the throat and keeps them engaged til the end.

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

  3. Great insights and good to know.
    I laughed at freaks because I immediately thought of the character my teen daughter wrote in a story. Alto (Spanish for tall) is a dark-skinned dwarf (size not race) with the mind of Sherlock Holmes but looks more like a pint-sized Santa Claus. My thought was, “She hit the nail on the head.” Oh yes, she has the others too, but Alto stands out (no pun intended, but I will take it).
    I will have to share this article with her

    • Sounds promising! Giving your primary character an important “difference” is an old trick — because it works. 🙂 It gives us a mental hook to get a handle on the character, and it subtly shows us which character we’re supposed to pay attention to.

  4. I am a non-native English speaker and trying to improve my writing Skills. I have been using story-telling strategy in my blog posts. Now, I will include these elements in my content and keep my readers more engaged.

  5. writing an engaging blog is also an art. You should be always keep conversation moving ahead.
    That’s why I focus on writing a reader friendly article and yes don’t copy others but learn their way and follow the same for your writing styles too.
    Thanks for the Amazing post.

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