5 Ways to Convert More Prospects by Making Your Case

5 Ways to Convert More Prospects by Making Your Case

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  1. It’s so important to back up your claims. Anytime you can actually use a good study (make sure you look at who funded the study, too) to prove your point, it will carry more weight with your audience.

    Great tips in this article. I think when we stop worrying about how frequent we post or how great the content is and we just produce what we’d like to see if we were searching for the product, it becomes excellent copy.

  2. Hi Brian I suspect that this approach works well with traditional businesses but for real estate companies the challenge is different. Most people go to the site to see homes and they do not seem to car much about calls to action or what you write in a blog or news feed. Any thoughts?

  3. Nice Article Brian,
    The more detailed the article and the more personalised touch you give to your article the more is the chance to convert them.
    And after all, the term “Guarantee” you have used is the most important factor to include in any sales page, I think.

  4. What about if the product you’re selling is a book? Does it help to show reviews? What about blurbs from the book? What if you are not in a position to give a money back guarantee?

  5. Hi Brian,
    Great article!
    5 extremely valuable tips that shouldn’t be neglected. I feel like the process often is made more complicated than it actually is while the truth is that these 5 tips will take you a long way,
    Have a great weekend and thanks!

  6. Backing up your claims sounds so logical and yet often forgotten. I guess similar to how teachers don’t see why their students don’t understand certain parts, marketers don’t see the need for figures, data and graphs because they are already in our head.

  7. Brian, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I work with authors to write, publish, and market their books. One of the values I see in utilizing these tips is to, first of all, focus your content on the reader and what things that book can bring to him/her. Reach out to a reader from a reader mindset and get creative. It’s not so much about the book itself as much as what the book can do for the reader. Great post! Made me think!

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