How to Convince Your Skeptical Readers to Accept a New Idea

How to Convince Your Skeptical Readers to Accept a New Idea

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  1. Hey Sean,

    I like this one. I realise you’re a mechanic or…with your “diffuse” and “breather” words.

    Anyway, objection is a super good element to implement in articles this days, especially, in reviews.

    It’s ultimate to start it in your introduction if the topic of the article is objection. If it’s not, you may place it or them anywhere in the article, and back it up with a relevant link to your seconder for support. Better still, pour out more information, or give a readable fact than tell a story if you’re not good at story telling like me.

    That’s what I do.

    An eye opener: that’s what this post is. Worth bookmarking!



  2. This was really helpful,

    Think in the internet marketing niche and weight loss where scams are ten a penny the readers are used to scams. We need to condition them to believe in what we say.

    Thanks again

  3. Before convince others it is necessary to convince to spend truth. Very good post for those who want to improve this technique. Yes, convincing others is a technique.

  4. Absolutely right, it happens with me too, when i start blogging i failed twice, my first blog run 3 months and 2nd one run 5 months. After that i decided the closed both of them.

    What i learn form it that, first i have to convince my self that that post is very useful then other may think same way.

  5. Well written article. convincing your reader is an art too. its the quality of a writer that he or she commands on full whatever they are writing about. If one have enough knowledge and experience , convincing reader is no more an issue.

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