The Best of Copyblogger: 2013 Edition

The Best of Copyblogger: 2013 Edition

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  1. Happy and a better 2014!

    I am setting my eyes more and more on Google+ and I love to see a section where the Google+ articles are listed.

    Heck, I need to check out the articles in the writing section as well. My writing needs to be improved all the time.

    Thank you for sharing and keep on moving forward.

    – Samuel

  2. I am in the middle of my end of the summary and you reminded that I don’t need to stress and how simple it can be .Thanks! I love having complete list of what people think is there best it really gives ya an idea what the blog is about!

  3. My marketing needs more and more improvements all the time. Your e-mails wake me up from such confusion. Thanks! Your advice gives me an adrenaline rush like jumping in the freezing Atlantic on New Year’s Day in Coney Island!

  4. As always great stuff, it’s not news that copyblogger is the best place to look for when it comes to content marketing and I guess you will continue to be this year too. Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

  5. Love your end-of-year compilations…Lots of great content at our fingertips! Thanks.

    Any chance the resident recluse (Robert Bruce) will allow comments on his fables in 2014? We would love to ask him questions about his writings…

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