Actually, Blogging *is* Dead

Actually, Blogging *is* Dead

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  1. Hey Brian,

    Hot new buzz craze of 2011 – Content Marketing!

    Whoever wants to think that blogging is dead…Let them! Soon or later people will catch on.

    Happy Holidays,

    • I agree with you Josh…they can say blogging is dead all they want. We just change the term…So

      Happy Holidays y,all and Happy Content Marketing in advance!

    • I totally and absolutely agree on this. Since I started online in 2006, I have been hearing this all the time. But nope… blogging continuously grow and continuously evolve into something.

      The BIGGER picture now: Blogging + Internet Marketing (in what ever form) + Determination = SUCCESS!!!

      Nothing is dead in blogging. It just evolve to be a better one.

  2. Brian:

    I’ve seen the thought that blogging is dead. Same tune – different song. I’ve seen a popular SEO blogger talk about how he heard SEO is dead. Then he listed those predictions over a period of 20 years.

    This year, I’ve also read a post talking about direct mail being dead. Then the blog poster went on to talk about how direct mail is still alive and well (i.e. especially direct response).

    But you correctly pointed out that it relates to content marketing. HubSpot has called the blog a central hub for viral marketing (i.e. social media)

    Reminds me of a story of Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen (please Google this for the Wiki summary). The Emperor sports his new clothes (i.e. blogging is dead, SEO is dead, etc.) in public. But he’s not wearing anything!


  3. Blogging is just as dead as the internet if you ask some people..but most of these people are newbies..with no success online.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  4. Fabulous. With all the new media, the terminology is obsolete as fast as the tech. I’m guessing in three years we’ll all move from “content” to some new word. My prediction for 2011 is that most online terminology will have the word “Multi-” as a prefix. Multi-channel, multi-marketing, multi-content, multi-multimedia…

  5. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!! I am off to do some content marketing right now!! 😉
    Thanks for the chuckle!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. Oscar Wilde said, “Everything popular is wrong”.

    History warns us about the madness of crowds. I write the Contrarian blog and am passionate about getting the oppositional thinking message out there, but I do get concerned when I consider my vehicle for spreading the message is anything but contrarian – in fact if anything could be considered a bubble – blogging would be it! You can put a dress on me and call me Susan … but that doesn’t change who I am and make me a girl. No question – there are good blogs and bad blogs, but a blog is blog regardless of what you call it.

    I’m not suggesting blogging is dead, but it does seem like everyone has one, and it certainly is a saturated and crowded field, and that does concern me.

    Brian – I know asking a professional blogging coach what they think about blogging – is like asking a barber if you need a haircut … that said, I would be very interested in your thoughtful and objective expert opinion on the future of this form of media.

    I’ve made a lucrative career out of considering the alternative – so blogging does makes me “pause and reflect”.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Article Marketing, Blogging, Content Marketing … what difference does it make if Google is picking up well SEO’d regurgitated posts scrapped, splogged and outright theft of original content.

      There are lots of blogs, and I’m aware that the cream does rise to the top, but the glass all our content is poured into is getting taller and wider – and even with the help of social media, getting valuable content to stand out has gotten tougher (even the best blog’s have high bounce rates and shaky subscriber numbers)

      I’d love to hear Brian’s view on the state of the blogosphere, given how it’s evolved in the time he’s been involved with it.

      • As you might have already guessed, I’ll be kicking off 2011 by telling you exactly where I think things stand with blogs, websites, whatever you want to call them. Stay tuned. 😉

        • I’ll be interested in hearing what you say.

          I feel like blogging is in a quiet pause between what it has been…a search engine keyword generator for everyone and a feedback and dialog system for only the big guys, to a revived medium as great login and sharing tools like Discus and LiveFyre hit the market.

          To me, blogs are the ideal of social sharing and discussion. But they haven’t been very welcoming in the past because there is an issue with signing up to comment or having to put your email into every site you come across.

          Also, the whole “social” evolution seems to be taking place. We have been very traditional at how we’ve looked at blogs. It has been about advertising and placement, but soon, I think people will discover the real power is not only in writing your own blog, but playing a part in other people’s discussions. And any tools that make that easier should bring blogs back from an early death.

    • a blog is blog regardless of what you call it

      That reminds me of the post I did yesterday, where I told people who hated marketing that we wouldn’t do any of that, we’d just let customers know who the vendor is, talk about what the product does for customers, and say what to do next. Which is, of course, marketing.

      The word “blog” has a lot of baggage. What people think of as a blog may “die,” the way MySpace died — in other words, it won’t die at all, there will still be millions of people who do it every day, but it won’t seem hip.

      But a blog is just a website that can be updated frequently. I think we can be pretty confident that isn’t a bubble.

      • When dealing with corporate types I would never use the B-word unless they did first, and then only cautiously. A lot of people equate blogs with armchair quarterbacks, Twilight fanfic and diaries. As I think it was Brogan says “oh, you are a blogger? what do YOU complain about?” 😉

        As you say, WordPress is a pretty neat content management system, we don’t have to call it a blog. Finger painting is for babies unless it is hanging in the Tate Modern 😉

        • Chris,

          funny. When I mention that I started a “blog” my wife and family were wondering why I would waste my time. As you said “writing about Twilight, etc, etc” My blog was started on a whim over a few beers with a friend. So its not REALLY content marketing. HOWEVER, in blogging, I have found the nuances of blogging and can assist a marketing customer in how to engage in CONTENT MARKETING.

          I guess what I’m saying is that, while most of my friendds believe I am wasting my time blogging, I believe it has been time well invested to learn the medium of Content Management

  7. What about something completely different – do what you do do well and no matter what the naysayers publish, you’ll do well 🙂

  8. Well I for one see an increasing amount of traffic and readers so apparently our blog isn’t dead. The fact is there are more things competing for our attention (twitter, facebook, etc.) but each has a very different target audience and purpose.

    Yes, a twitter comment brought me here, but the conversation is occurring on the blog, not on twitter.

    So blogging isn’t dead. In fact, you even now have a few more tools at our disposal to reach different audiences.

    cd :O)

  9. Oh My gosh, Blog is dead !!!
    Now way guys, there are still millions out there love writing and sharing experience.

    Content marketing maybe different and only for people who’s focus is to make money.

  10. I think that 2011 will be even more important year for the content and whole internet marketing than 2010 has been.
    I wish you guys at copyblogger only the best and I hope you will keep up the great work with your articles.
    2011 is going to be great!

  11. RIP, naysayers!

    I am not blogging … I am “delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers in order to drive profitable consumer action”!

  12. No blogging is not dead, not everyone blogging for generating extra source of income in this cruel world some good people exits who create a blog for sharing there knowledge. until those peoples are alive blogging is not going to dead

  13. Blogging is dead. Long live content marketing that happens to use a blog in addition to other tools.

    Hmm, I need to work on making that a little snappier. 😉

    • I think you’ve made the de facto point …

      Blogging, in its current form and use is dead (and that just hasn’t caught on with other bloggers yet)

      Long live content that serves a purpose with a valuable outcome.

  14. The king is dead; long live the king!
    Blogging is dead; long live quality content posted in a WP-powered thing!
    Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, for content marketing, we will go …

  15. As with all things, it’s about who’s behind it. A blog will either fail or succeed depending on who’s driving it. It’s the same with any form of enterprise. These reports should concentrate more on the people rather than the medium.

    Merry Christmas all 🙂

  16. Thanks Brian. Great post. Short and to the point.

    I have learned more from you and your pals than anyone else out there.

    Really looking forward to what you’re going to bring in 2011.


  17. Brian,

    Thanks for the insightful blog (or should I say “content marketing”) post! Your terminology makes sense but I am concerned that using the term “content marketing” makes posts seem less personal. The term “blog” has an endearing quality; when I read someone’s blog, I often feel like I know the author. I feel like I am looking in on the author’s journal or listening to them converse. However, when I think of “content marketing”, I visualize someone creating content to persuade me rather than inform me.

    I wonder if actually using the new term “content marketing” might lead to readers feeling disconnected from the author. What if we just stuck to the term “blog” and shunned the naysayers?

    • Regis, my point is you don’t have to call it anything at all. You’re producing content to reach an audience. No labels are necessary when you’re providing valuable information to people.

      • But isn’t human nature to label things? This site itself uses the word “blog” and “blogger” in its name and URI.

        I guess it’s all just another play on semantics.

    • I’ll tell you something funny, Regis. (I couldn’t believe this either when it happened.) When I was in the corporate world, I would mention my blog to people and suggest they read it, and many times I heard “Oh, I don’t have the software for that.”

      Blogging is definitely becoming more mainstream, but it’s still a subset. If your readers like blogs, call it a blog. If your readers don’t read blogs (or they don’t think they do), call it something else. Or as Brian says, don’t give it a label at all.

      • Thanks Sonia! These recommendations are exceptionally valuable to a PR student like me :). The software story is hilarious and you’re right – while blogging is becoming mainstream, there are folks who still don’t understand what’s involved.

    • David, that’s absolutely true. Whether you call it blogging or not, it’s the foundational element of online content marketing, which allows you to engage in the broader aspects of content marketing as well.

  18. I read yesterday that 94% of companies aren’t yet engaged in social media. Those people are silly. It’s a no brainer in terms of marketing. A direct line to your customers? Yeah, that works out well for everyone.

  19. How long are we going to call it “blogging,” anyway. “Blogging” and “blog” sound to close to “blah” for my taste. I’m not sure what else to call it, but blogging sounds like the Jimmy version of James. It’s time for blogging to get a grown up name, even though I’m not sure what that would be… Should it be “content marketing”? I’d much rather be a content marketer than a blogger.

  20. I like Brian’s underlaying message of “never stop doing stuff to meet goals.”

    No matter what technologies, hype, buzzwords, tools, or whatever comes out, if you don’t stay sharp and keep DO’ing, you’re sunk. Stay sharp– like ginsu.

    Happy holidays, everyone!


  21. Well, I guess that’s okay, but I need to know different nouns, verbs, and adjectives I can use to describe my blog…er…content marketing activities.

    If you say “I’m a content marketer,” people could think you’re just marketing content. Talk about ambiguous.

    Do we say, “Oh, I’m going to go write a content marketing?”

    And what about the sphere? Is it now the contentingsphere?

    I’m good to go wherever “they” say, but I just need to button down these details.

    RIP, Blogging. Hasta pasta.

  22. All that hype to admit that Blogging is dead! SEO does not work Nothing Can influence Google or Bing

    Why would a realtor jump on the QR Code Bandwagon? Thats just another bar code reader, They will never work. The QR codes and smart phone are merely generational users. [Kids]

    I like the thought about blogging being dead. Let’s just call it content marketing Let’s insert some video’s.

    I will add that to the digital presentation in my online marketing plan.

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

  23. I’m moving towards coaching women whereas, for the last year, my content has been a hobby I was passionate about. Content marketing….perfect!

  24. Hi Brian!

    Yeah, this ought to do it! Content Marketing is the way to go.

    Thanks for this brief yet straight to the point post.

    Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the Copyblogger writers.

  25. Blogging? Dead?
    Oh my – well, since I read it on the internet it must be so; I thought it was merely napping but I am a bit behind on the news of late..

    Guess I need to change my website link now so that pesky ‘blog’ word doesn’t show..

  26. Is blogging dead?

    Not for authority sites…

    …There’s the Mathew effect (accumulated advantage). To quote Wikipedia:

    “In sociology, the Matthew effect (or accumulated advantage) is the phenomenon where “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. Those who possess power and economic or social capital can leverage those resources to gain more power or capital”

    For new blogs the barrier to entry is getting higher all the time, with the increase in content on the internet, and the increased hording of links — that is, it was easier to get backlinks in 2000 vs now, giving current blogs a defensible position.

    To answer the question though…

    …NO, blogging is not dead!

  27. I love this! Blog doesn’t describe what most bloggers, including me, are doing anyway. I’m not creating a “web log.” I’m creating articles and videos to inspire, educate, motivate, and impact. So I’m a CAVIEMIer. 😉

  28. That reminds me I used to get quite a few people thanking me for my ’email newsletter’ – long before I actually HAD an email newsletter!

    I was puzzled at first, then it dawned on me they were subscribing to my blog via email…

  29. Cannot agree that bloggin is dead. I just started about 6 months ago this week. I have seen soooooooooooooo many people enter the blogosphere. As a matter of fact it seems that the busiest WordPress sights are the ones that post the “top 10 ways to increase your blog traffic” “twelve secrets to blogging”, etc. etc.

    On the other hand, it seems like blogging is starting to become the WRITTEN FORM of youtube. Everyone who has something to say starts a blog. Therefore the market is flooded with content, some good, some average and a lot that is marginal—but still beneficial for those who want to express themselves CHEAPLY.

    I did mine on a bet. I love doing it. It’s a character-based blog. I like it so much that sometimes it gets in the way of my REAL work. Not sure what it will lead to but…

  30. I have learned so much from you, and I am grateful to them for helping me with their courses and tips. I wish every team a lot of happiness and prosperity for all and one `happy natal.e will be together next year God willing

  31. The only thing I don’t like about the term “blogger” is that if you are a dyslexic typist (like me), you type “Blooger”…..

    Maybe the term should be changed……

    But is blogging dead? I highly doubt it….

    I’m definitely being contacted (pretty much on a daily basis) by new or wanna- be bloggers asking questions, needing help, signing up for my newsletter etc….

  32. So blogging is dead. Sure it is – if nobody is reading your blog.

    Since blogs like this one disprove that fact, one can only conclude that uninteresting, unmotivating, unfocused, poorly written blogs are the ones that die out fast.

    If it weren’t for this blog and others like it, I might also have a “dead” blog to my name but thanks to all the information, tips, experience, and knowhow I’m acquiring from you and others like you, I can honestly say that my formerly “dying” blog will do a Lazarus in 2011.

    Many thanks and best wishes for the New Year.

  33. Blogging is a term that is not fancy and people imagine all kinds of things when they hear it.

    For whatever reason people are impressed by more complex names so content marketing will definitely have them impressed and respectful.


  34. It might not be dead, but there sure is a lot of rubbish in the blogosphere these days.

    With more professional ventures online than ever, it’s much more competitive. Conversely, the value of getting in print media remains very strong. It has a higher entry barrier and once you get in can get a message across with emphasis.

    I think the bootstrapping style of blogging we saw in the first half of the decade may well be dead, as it has a high chance of coming across as spam nowadays.

  35. A blog is (one of) the tool of choice for content marketers. Just like mechanics use screwdrivers.
    I’ve never heard a mechanic say they were a Screwdriversmith – right?

    • Agreed. But what actually will be the point of saturation OR the point at which there is another point of differentiation, such as video blogs or whatever the next big thing is? Certainly Twitter is not an option, it hasnt taken hold for content marketing—only supportive.

      My thoughts, maybe content SOMEWHAT associated with products is the way to go. For example, a bar or a car dealer sponsors some type of hip blog (like mine HOPEFULLY) that is unrelated content but content that others review and then are TRAPPED seeing the branding associated with it.

  36. ‘blogger’ should refer to the actual author of the content, who is usually the one who markets it anyway(!). ‘content marketer’ isn’t as specific and sounds naff. this will confuse people further, because I currently know a few who refer to ‘posts’ as ‘blogs’ ie: ‘How many blogs did you write today?’ – let’s just leave it at ‘blogger/blogging’!

  37. Based on the number of comments, Twitter retweets, and Facebook shares from a small collection of words in the body of this post, blogging is very dead. Interactivity is alive.

  38. I read the blog and then I read a zillion comments!

    I have been writing my cat’s blog since August as a way to deal with stress in my life. Its been writen from her point of view and I can’t get over the email and the comments that she gets! And its increasing!!!
    So, am I a Content Marketer?
    And Interactivity is alive and going on …. and on…. and on…..

    • Whether you’re a content marketer or not depends on your goals for the site.

      If your goal is self-expression and to make people smile and deal with your own stress, then I would say calling yourself a content marketer would be a stretch.

      If you want to get people to take some action other than reading the post (buy a t-shirt, contribute to the SPCA, be nice to their kitty, etc.), then you’re a content marketer.

    • Adam, the “blogging is dead” posts are always on blogs for some reason. Makes you think the motivation was something other than a literal reading of the headline, eh? 😉

  39. Bllogging may be dead in the US, but here in Nigeria, It hasn’t even started walking YET.

    I think Blogging like everything else will continue to undergo an evolution. Granted, its probably more
    difficult to stand out as a blogger these days, and granted it much easier to get a blog started (even a professional, and SEO optimized one), but the bottom line is that long term success will be determined
    by relevancy of the content.

  40. I don’t think blogging is dead. Just look at the type of books people read. There’s everything from huge novels to little 30 page pocket tip books. I think the internet reflects the same, but I do wish Google would drop blogs that go dormant longer than 6 months.

    I am looking forward to reading your outlook for 2011.


  41. some blogs are dead, (I have 3 dead blogs and some may cease later on) . some bloggers die…afterall, we the bloggers are human beings. but blogging? no, i don’t think so. we have that need to be heard (or read) and blogging is one way to say what we have in mind. . . even if no one reads it, so what? at least I’ve vented my anguish over some stupid incident or marvelled at my sketches …they look nicer when uploaded : ) however, if my intention of blogging was to make money out of it, then I’d say MY blogging FOR money is DEAD.

  42. Yes Brian.. you right.Blogging is Hobby, and hobby can’t be stopped by any one or anything. But i worry about blogging with autoblogging or any similar with automatic thing. Since this automatic blogging not reach something new …
    Thanks Brian for give me spirit


  43. Hi Brian

    Ha – spot on. I will start using the content marketing thing from now on I think! It is getting rather tiresome arguing that blogging is not dead – hopefully this change of language will help 🙂


  44. blogging is not dead, it just smells that way

    it comes from far too many wanna-bees putting out crap; the infosphere can only handle so much of that at a time

    the solution is to stop selling blogs to any idiot with a computer

    what? some blogs are free? oh no!

    Quick, somebody change the name!

    Ah, the sweet smell of a facade. Smells like…misunderestimation!

  45. Maybe it’s me on my online journey… but the big word seems to be “Internet Marketing”. I like the sound of “Content Marketing”, too. Doesn’t sound like a sleazy car salesman. 😉

  46. Blog is short for web log. In that regard the blog is dead.

    On the other hand conversation on the web is alive and well. (it’s still a blog or generates from a blog i s’pose)

    Strategic instigation of conversation rocks when it’s pulled off, like this post. (again, from a blog i s’pose)

    Pure content that is relevent to the reader and inspires conversation is king.

    A blog is dead if it’s just a log of thoughts, ideas and randomness which doesn’t inspire or instigate conversation is dead. the blog without comments is dead or a blog with highly monitored comments is dead.

    The conversation is alive and well. What’s the term for that? Social media??

  47. People love declaring stuff “over” and “passe” all the time. As long as people like writing about themselves and their interests, we’re going to see blogs for a long time.

    Is blogging “in” or “out”? Who knows. We’ll probably just do what we enjoy doing until we don’t feel like doing it anymore.

  48. Declaring something “dead” certainly suggests it’s still alive, at least alive enough that people still know what you’re talking about. If I say rock and roll is dead, it’s not. If I say the “It Girl” is dead, she might be. For younger readers, the “It Girl” was Clara Bow.

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