Become a Writing Champion by Turning the Hard Stuff into a Game

Become a Writing Champion by Turning the Hard Stuff into a Game

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  1. Awesome! I tend to do better when there’s a game involved and even more so if it’s competitive.

    I’ve struggled to find a way to turn writing practice into a daily habit, but the thought of facing an empty page is so daunting.

    I’m going to try going for as many Pomodoros as I can and find more ways to give my writing practice a competitive edge.

    Thank you!

  2. “The “imaginary points” game. I give myself one point per minute I spend on frustrating or uncomfortable projects. I turn my points into dollars in my budget for art supplies or shoes!”

    I genuinely love EVERYTHING about this. I can fund my makeup habit by doing things that aren’t exciting!

    All of a sudden, they feel a little more exciting…

  3. I agree with Arlene, the thought of seeing an empty page is really frustrating and dauting.

    The “imaginary points” games where each point turns into dollars seems quite exciting especially when I thought as a girl who needs make up kits always ready. 🙂

    Among the six habits mentioned, I believe “don’t break the streak” is most powerful and has an impact. It is like a challenge where you just have to be committed for 30 days and then it becomes a habit. Great Idea!

    Enjoyed the post.

    Thanks, Sonia.


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