Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of June 28, 2010

Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up: Week of June 28, 2010

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  1. I know this doesn’t go here, but can i ask how can is that you guys put the Tweetme button on the main page, I mean, not inside the single post, but on the main page.
    Can you guys give me hand with that?

  2. Fernando, go into your Tweetmeme settings (link on the bottom of the left WP admin sidebar), check the box next to “Display the button on the front page (home),” Click Save Changes.

  3. Oh, thanks, I just realized that there was a plugin for it lol, last question and please don’t hate me, how did u put the Facebook “Share” icon next to it?
    Thanks Brian, I love this blog, always good information and such a fast feedback!
    Thumbs up!

  4. Damn, I forgot to say, is there a way I can also put the Facebook “Share” icon on the main page, too?

  5. I read this late, after hours and hours just trying by myself, making lots of errors, I did it!
    I wish I knew there was a plugin for that! But anyway, thanks again.
    I couldn’t find in the thesis forums, how to change the sidebar colour, I mean, there is a post about it, but it doesn’t change the whole colour of it, not until the footer, it only colours the part widgets are on it.
    How did you guys do on coppyblogger?
    Thanks in advance, srsly, im loving this place more and more.

  6. Okay, I think you may have just secured my undying loyalty (maybe for the next week or so) for that tri-state area bit.

  7. Dear Brian,

    Although I sometimes succumb and read the posts as they come out, I always wait for JBT’s wrap up. Even if he is a supervillain. I think he’s lying about being a Deadhead, though.

  8. Finally, a handy guide to keep your blog from being used to wrap discarded fish!

    To be honest, I was amazed you guys hadn’t covered it before. It was what we in the UK like to call ‘an open goal’. 😉

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