Words that Matter, Business as Gardening, and More: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

Words that Matter, Business as Gardening, and More: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

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  1. Honestly, Tuesday’s post that talks about “3 steps to remedy sickly copy” was my favorite. I enjoyed reading it and much more than that, I was able to learn amazing copywriting tips. I want to personally thank you Brian Clark for sharing powerful marketing advice here, I’ve become a better blogger, freelance writer and web designer.

    I believe copywriting is the “little pin” that makes the whole difference in online marketing. God will bless you for pouring out your heart. I’m grateful and I’m making success already.

  2. I loved the “How to Make Your Writing Real” post on Wednesday. There is nothing worst than lifeless and meaningless content. All writing should be full of life and tell the story in order to elicit action whether that is a smile or the purchase of a product.

  3. Can I just say that the Copyblogger Weekly Wrap is some of the best (or most entertaining) writing ever!

    I had an inkling of that idea, so when this week’s wrap showed up in my email I thought, “Oh yeah, those are usually pretty funny, so I should check this out.”

    Then I was blown away with this one and hurt myself laughing so hard. Stuff like the opening line that starts to sound like blah blah blah, until the words “…Copyblogger tells me to do.” Killed me.

    Then the whole quote about “…then why are they made out of meat.” had me hurting with unseemly outbursts in a public place.

    With this one post, you sealed my loyalty as a dedicated Weekly Wrap reader.

    (Or maybe I’m just a loyal CWW by Johnny B. Truant reader.)

    Thanks Johnny.

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