How Strategic Content Converts to Email Subscriptions

How Strategic Content Converts to Email Subscriptions

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  1. Great job, Brian.

    This was a really helpful post – I learned so much from the step-by-step walkthrough of the campaign!

  2. This is a great post that really takes you through the way you think. A peek inside Brian’s brain! I like the idea of really thinking about your ideal customers journey. I have created ideal customer profiles, but have never really thought it through as in depth as this!

    Having not only a guide, but an example is a huge help. Going to give this a try!


  3. I have this question for some time now that if we keep writing great content where exactly we post it ? If we keep posting on our own site it doesn’t generate any backlinks and doesn’t increase the site ranking. Plus if we keep writing on one blog site then also it doesn’t add any value.

    Can someone help me out ?

    • Posting on your site is what you should be doing, but remember that content promotion is more than half the battle. Then you can supplement with offsite content like guest posts, syndication, and repurposing into other formats like audio and video.

  4. Hi Brian, thank you for the post. Since you taught the circle of belief and the hero’s journey around here, my perspective shifted from funnels and simple personas to this more human approach. But now since you cited the characters bible and seeing now the hole history, I think I’m more capable of writing the right story of my ideal customer. Please talk more about the character bible. Thanks Brian.

  5. This is true. Having a good quality content in a website or email promotion always be a cause of increasing sales. Thank you very much for sharing your detailed guidelines.

  6. Brian, this is a masterful post. Here’s why: it takes you step by step through the process or turning a problem suffered by a specific individual into an opportunity for them to express themselves, to create something useful, to be happy and to make that stuff called money in the process, making said money to the point where the venture can be full time.

    Brilliant man, brilliant.

    I like visualizing myself in my reader’s shoes before writing any emails, or posts, or guest posts or eBooks or courses or….you get the picture. I write a lot of stuff. Visualizing myself in my loving reader’s shoes helps me see what they see versus seeing what I see. Totally different experience in many cases. So I can connect with them and their problems, and their desire to live their dreams, and their confusion about blogging, but their excitement about diving in to the blogging game. I sometimes forget what that malestrom feels like; visualizing from another human’s perspective makes me remember the quiet or loud storm raging in the mind, from a beginner or struggling vet’s perspective.

    A few days ago I received an email from a long time reader. He had bought 3 or 4 of my eBooks, and said he did so because, for many months, he felt like I was “way above his level” and that we were in different universes, as far as outward success, happiness and all that crap we aspire to experience and be. I assured him – must have missed my failure ridden posts, which are not so few and far between – that I am just like him in so many ways. But it also got me more on the compassionate, mindful, pain-to-please and fear-to-love and terror-to-peace path, the pain point to happy point, with my blog and my brand.

    Gotta have that down to set up an effective, helpful, heart-centered email strategy and blogging strategy that helps folks, and helps you rake in some chedda.

    Thanks Brian.


  7. YES! Now this was SUPER helpful!

    Muchas gracias señor Brian Clark!

    I really love and appreciate an example thought processes like this.

  8. Good read. Thanks for the walk through and sharing your expertise. Putting yourself in the place of the reader seems obvious but easily missed out. I am going to do more of that for sure. I try hard to build websites that get conversions. I often explain to site owners, you want someone to land on your page see what you have, why they should use you above others and make a phone call. Making the journey to that point comfortable and easy is a real skill.

  9. I write fiction but I’m determined not to fall into the trap of thinking an email newsletter is just a “BUY MY BOOK!” opportunity. I’m quite excited to work out a strategy that lets me use blogging as well.

  10. Outstanding! Now I can really see how the content marketing strategy works from beginning to end, and apply it to just about any business.

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