The Two Types of Tutorial Marketing

The Two Types of Tutorial Marketing

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  1. This post itself is a good example of advertising with tutorials. 🙂 Nice and informative, just the way I like ’em!

    Too bad I don’t have anything to sell with my own how-to content — yet!

    For now, though, reading about the ins and outs of online marketing is fascinating. Is tutorial marketing the way of the future? As a consumer, I certainly hope so.

  2. Yeah it’s true that the “How to” content can bring in a lot traffic to your site.

    I realized that before some time when I started to post howtos in my blog, and now I believe that this way you can increase the loyalty of visitors.

    The bottom line is that with this kind of content you actually giving solutions to your readers, and that makes them come back to your site.

  3. I am writing a post about you today as being one of the best blogs around for people who are into business blogs. Your content is fantastic and I have learned much from you. Thanks!

  4. I’ve discovered today your blog through and I’m spending the whole afternoon with it.

    First of all, congratulations, and second you have all the reason when you talk about smoke, mirrors and not giving away a peek of what you have really to offer…

    I remember the title of the last Godin’s book “All marketers are liars”, if you can demonstrate through tutorial marketing that this is not true, you have weakened the wall of resistance to buy, one more delicate push (this is an art in order not to screw all) and the sale is yours… tutorial marketing is about lowering the natural defences to be sold through the most powerful weapon, the truth about what you really have to offer.

    You have a new fan…

  5. Hi folks! Yes, the topic of tutorials is increasingly in demand. Marketing and tutorials in the coming years, will be important …

  6. The importance of online education and teaching is growing year on year and now mini tutorials online can even be charged for in itunes. However the more you give away free the better really

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