Number One at Amazon

Number One at Amazon

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  1. Thanks Marcus, although I must say it’s going to be tough to beat that Blog Herald stampede you sent over here. Many thanks for that!

    David, yes, that promotion is a bit different in style than you’ll ever see from me, but it’s working quite well for Dr. Vitale. 🙂

  2. you’re right Brian.

    am a part of the ‘bribe package’ too & have build a list of more than a thousand people!

    not such a big thing. but considering it’s not even for my niche & that I spent like 30 seconds making page specially for them – it’s worth it – many times over.

    love Joe’s cool strategy that makes his every book a best-seller & sends a horde of people over to me 🙂

  3. Dude, excellent news! Maybe you should make my link bigger…

    Kidding, but I’m glad to see that all the work you put into Viral Copy is paying off as I expected it would.

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