What’s Your Blog Really About?

What’s Your Blog <em>Really</em> About?

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  1. Brian, if your name was Barry Bonds, this would have been your 714th homerun. Excellent post! I’ve been planning to rewrite my “about” page and I’ll follow your suggestions.


  2. Brian – I have to admit that just today I read your “About” and “Author” sections. They’re great. I have a lot of work to do – I suppose I have to figure out what my blog wants to be when it grows up! Thanks for a great post (again!).

  3. Hi Ann. I really like your blog and the way your write. I think you know deep down what your blog wants to be when it grows up, and all you have to do it spend some time putting it into story form.

    It seems like maybe you would start here (taken from your About page):

    “My focus is now on content providers and the strategic and operational issues that impact them.”

    There’s definitely a story there, and I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  4. Hmmm…I rewrote that (based on my first ever blog entry) before I saw your comment. I might just take another crack at it! Thanks for the kind words.

  5. An excellent point if you use a free blogger blog. There is a section called “About Me” that appears in a very high profile place on the blog. If you do indeed write about yourself (a trap I fell into) you are putting people off.

    The moral of the story – Don’t be lazy when setting up a blog.

  6. Brian, I’m beginning to think of Copyblogger as the “primer” for true blogs. Not intending to sound like flashy praise BUT your ability to write with such clarity without all the fluff and jargon is exactly what made me subscribe and continue to read.

    When I start my next blog, I will know how what I should NOT do but also what to make sure I include. My readers have been part of an experiment as I learned this but I’m learning.

    As for Problogger – yes, his about page pulled me in. Your about page is very different but very compelling so effective because it’s written about the reader.

    Again a BIG help for me!

  7. I have tried to develop a sense of consistency with my blog, however, this would require about five different blogs for the content I include: animal rights, glbt, politics, reviews, and St. Louis-local/Missouri-local things. I cannot possibly maintain five blogs. How does one find consistency in a blog while offering a variety of subject matter?

    Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

    Lily B.

  8. Thanks Tammy!

    Lily, I think to answer your question you’ll have to figure out what your blogging goals are.

    My advice is mainly for people using a blog for business or economic reasons, but this isn’t necessarily something that limits the applicability of what I write about. Many of my readers are artists or have causes they want to get the word out about.

    That being said, I think many agree that the more laser-focused you are on one topic with a blog, the better you’ll do as far as subscribers and overall readership.

    That may not be the answer you are looking for, but in my experience that’s reality.

  9. Absolutely brilliant.

    Gave me the motivation to redo the “about” page on my site (though my ego still doesn’t allow me to remove the old “about me” page completely yet). Will work on that…

    Thanks for the article. Very helpful.

  10. Brian, your comments have inspired the new Songsblog.com- a source of news and ideas on songwriting and digital and social media.

    Rock on!


    Songsblog.com- “What do you mean, you can’t understand the lyrics?”

  11. Great “kick in the pants” article! I actually think my about page on my Office Humor Blog is really good. I use a gimmick of doing a “who, what, where, when, why” list.

    However, finding my about page may not be that easy. I just have a small link at the top next to “home”, “links”, and “contact”. After reading this article I may go with a more obvious placement with my about link.

    Most bloggers put a decent sized chunk of “about” info on their sidebar somewhere with a link to more… maybe I’ll have to give up some sidebar realestate and do that.

  12. My about page will have contents from now on. I find no compelling reason to put something in there before.

  13. Brian, this is a first for me. Two commentaries in a row for one blog.

    I have to say, you have wowed me with your blog and that’s hard to do.

    I have spent hours combing through your site, discovering golden nuggets of knowledge.

    Thank you! Copyblogger is aces in my book!

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