The Greatest Link Attraction Strategy Ever

The Greatest Link Attraction Strategy Ever

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  1. LOL first time I’ve heard this one.

    Is there any legal reason why faking your death is a bad idea?

    If not, It got me thinking of all kinds of little publicity stunts.

    Bloggers…got love em 😉

  2. A couple more ideas:

    You died and went to hell, and the devil forces everyone in hell to continue their blog

    We all live inside of a computer program. You died, but you were replaced by a blogger program.

    You’re a schizophrenic, and you killed off your alter ego

    You’re dead, but you’re being channeled by a spiritual intermediary

    Your site was hacked by an obsessive fan that planned to kill you

  3. I tried faking my own death a couple of years ago. It was really disheartening to see the joyful reaction from co-workers, friends, family, acquaintances from high school, our local Neighbourhood Watch group, and others.

    It sort of hurt my feelings, so I don’t think I’ll try it again.

  4. In a day and age where people still debate whether dead celebrities are really alive and living somewhere in the Caribbean (i.e., Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Tupac, B.I.G.), I’d rather not encourage anyone to attempt this kind of ploy.

    There’s only one person out there who I think would willingly and maybe successfully pull this off, and that’s because he’s pushing for increasing celebrity in every way possible. I won’t mention his name, but ever since he left Weblogs, Inc., he sure seems to be going after blog celebrity.

  5. OK, I’m on my death bed. All people reading this, please come, (yes, you, the 13993 readers of Copyblogger!) and visit my blog, so I can enjoy my last moments alive. I also have a blog contest going on, so if you hurry up, you may win free hosting for one year. I am going to die within the next two weeks, so don’t rush, I don’t want you to crash my server 😉

  6. this post would have been much more impressive if you’d actually taken your own advice mid-post. then, i really would have been imp..ACCK! OOG! OW, MY CHEST! OHH THE PAIN!!!

    [hello this is dave’s wife. my husband passed on at 8:01am PST. please send virtual flowers to]

  7. LOL!

    Ooo, ooo… Before you announce your death, blog that you were an orphan. Then, they can start even more links, arguing over who your real parents were.

    Just a thought.

  8. April Fool! You can’t be serious, right? If you are, then I am now announcing my death on this day in 2007. I think I will entitle it “Dead Duck”. LOL

  9. How do we know this isn’t really your evil twin posting this & laughing all the way to the blog bank? Seriously, good one, and the comments are priceless and creative! Ya’ll inspired me!

  10. Elvis is dead? I could swear I just saw his picture on a blog somewhere.

    Actually, I think really trying to fake your death is illegal. I do not think saying so on your blog would likely count in court though.

  11. I think April 1st would be a terrible day if we knew we could no longer coorespond with The Copyblogger. Stay safe.

    You got me.

  12. I run a progressive political blog ( and we sent out press releases to local media and blogs saying that we had just been acquired by the local Republican blog.

    We got a lot of “You’re selling out!” emails, and there was even a small bit on the local paper’s blog about the acquisition (The reporter finally figured out the prank and retracted the story).

    We redesigned our site so it looks like the Republican’s.


    Happy April Fools Day!

  13. Haha. Very nice.

    How about faking your own abduction? Then death. Then an actual arrest. Then your court case. Then insanity. Then your release from prison. BAM! Neverending publicity.

  14. … or you could head to Matt Cutts’ place and see what he is upto !
    Everyone seems to be pulling a quick one on their readers today.

  15. I realize that this is an older entry – not sure how I stumbled across it.

    Being an ‘old blogger’ around town, I’m reminded of an incident where someone actually did fake their death – but not before amassing a huge following of people rooting for this young girl who was supposedly dying of cancer.

    Huge hoax! Big news in the Metafilter community et al… (took place in 2000).

    You can read a summary of it here:

  16. I’m in no hurry to die … could I just fake leprosy or something? With the progressive nature of leprosy, I could probably blog for 8-10 years before having to ‘put up or shut up’. One of my young friends has a great case of ringworm … maybe I post a couple pics of that, eh?

    BTW … it’s March 31, 2008 as I type this. Guess what tomorrow is. 😉

  17. I love these unique methods for traffic generation. Thinking outside the box! I may not try this one (in case my mum hears before I warn her) but gets me thinking 🙂

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