What’s Your Version of ‘Autosave?’

What’s Your Version of ‘Autosave?’

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  1. I remember 8″ floppies, but there’s no benefit to sharing that story.

    I really appreciate how this article demonstrates what all the old “share benefits, not features” advice really means. If you don’t lose your work when you lose power or your computer otherwise craps out, that’s a benefit. Woo!

  2. This post is so spot on. Just this morning I had an initial consultation with a potential new client. As a writing services provider, I offer much the same services as many others. However, as I spoke with this individual, I realized the truth of this post: it was the specific benefits of working with me that drew her to me. We “clicked” right from the beginning. The consultation ended on a pleasant “win-win” note for both of us. Stand out in your niche!

    • Right on, Jane!

      It’s so important to first recognize that you’re going to initially look like other service providers to prospects … because you’ll be better positioned to catch yourself when you use generic features and benefits in your marketing — and then you can demonstrate your USP instead. 🙂

  3. Out of the 10,000 plus comments on my blog Stefanie a fair chunk reflect what 2 folks mentioned from this morning’s comments; they return again and again because I am genuine, showing wins and losses in my blogging life, and also because I am kinda funny sometimes LOL. I am a guy who equates successful blogging lessons to being stalked and grabbed by lady boy prostitutes in Thailand (and who turns the topic into an entire eBook). But I also share my muck ups, and wins too, to inspire folks and to show you can live your wildest dreams despite mucking up.

    These could be my autosaves hehehe 😉

    Rocking post…as always!


  4. This is a point that is so essential for anyone making an effort to get themselves recognised online, whether that’s as a blogger, an industry expert, or an entrepreneur.

    Personally, I love to remind myself of the infinitely helpful wisdom that although everything may have already been said, there is no one who can say it again just like you.

  5. “People won’t believe you’re special unless you show them why you are”. Definitely right 🙂

    Thanks for this informative post.

  6. Good article! I found it interesting that the concepts apply just as well for product marketing as they do to service marketing (which I assumed was the primary intent, I hope correctly). Giving customers a product they can be proud to own is the best way to encourage positive word of mouth marketing from customers. Well done.

  7. Hi Stefanie, I too can remember the days before autosave and losing half a days work because of a power outage.

    Thanks for the article, I guess my biggest take home from this is that when you do have a brilliant “feature-benefit” that comes with your service you should make sure that you are shouting it from the rooftops, otherwise it may end up being taken for granted and you may lose your point of difference from your competitors.

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