8 Ways to Weave Simple Visuals into Your Kick-Ass Words

8 Ways to Weave Simple Visuals into Your Kick-Ass Words

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  1. We have to adapt to new evolving changes and technologies. These days visual content like images, videos, infographics are more popular than ever before.

    Screenshots and featured images are the key components of a blog post. Without a screenshot, we cannot easily describe any of the illustrations or steps practically.

    Also, I feel that from the readers perspective visual content is more easily graspable and understandable.

    But the visual content has to be optimized and compressed properly. Else it would lead to the slow loading time of the blog page.

    The animated GIFs tactic was something new that I learn after reading this article. It was very interesting and I would love to implement it on my blogs.

    • So glad you enjoyed the tip about the animated GIF, Santhosh. It’s a bit more complicated, but since I’m seeing them used everywhere these days, I thought I would share a simple way to create them.

      I agree — visual content is more important than ever!

  2. This is great stuff Pamela!

    I’d say I’m the opposite – I find it easier to write my thoughts down than visualise them.

    I already use screenshots on my blog but your tip on using mindmaps wasn’t one I’d considered before. Will definitely put this to use in future.

    Thanks again!

    • Great to hear, Dan.

      I think looking at other people’s mind maps is fascinating (which probably makes me a geek). Glad to know you’re going to try out this idea.

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