3 Steps that Superior Content Creators Can Take to a Badass 2019

3 Steps that Superior Content Creators Can Take to a Badass 2019

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  1. #1 is all about that 1000 percent commit Sonia. I will stay in my comfort zone….after I connect with 1 billion human beings LOL. Until then I have fun teaching folks blogging and I keep nudging into my fears.

  2. I think a lot of times it’s about going ‘all in’. I think if you are really good, eventually the world will notice.
    Everyone just needs to take that risk and keep putting themselves out there until they do pass everyone by.
    It’s about putting your head down and keep plowing away at what you love.
    Thanks Sonia.

  3. This is a great article Sonia, number 3 hit home for me. As a Brit in Canada the modesty that was drummed into me throughout my childhood puts me at a serious disadvantage. I need to lose some of it but I am struggling with that.

  4. Sonia,

    This was a very motivating post. You are absolutely right!

    Doing things without meaning makes for a very dull life. Or a dull eight hour shift.

    There have been many times where I have found myself at a crossroad between picking up meaningful freelance jobs, or ones that offer a generous pay.

    Next time I am in this predicament, I will be mindful of the words you have written.

    Until your next post!
    – Minie

  5. #1 is important for me. And if I can add to #1, is that you need to work harder at the “right things.” Meaning, I need to work harder at the tasks that produce higher payoffs. Things like, um, writing! lol Thanks for the encouragement!

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