5 Dang Good Reasons Why Writers Should Think of Themselves as Content Marketers

5 Dang Good Reasons Why Writers Should Think of Themselves as Content Marketers

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  1. Totally agree. I was a journalist just before the web changed it all; over time I’ve evolved FIRST into a “copywriter” only to realize that my clients needed more. So, I eventually found myself become an all-in-one content strategist, including helping my clients with social, written content, and even visual content.

    I have more work than I can handle at this moment, which most freelancers will agree is never a bad thing πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, content marketing strikes me ( a writer) as writing ad copy or largely commerce driven content. Right? What about those of us who love to write do it well but have weird niches that are not really mainstream interests?

    • Content marketing doesn’t imply that you have to be working for a great big company — there are plenty of interesting small companies that do very nicely in weird niches.

      OTOH, if what you’re doing truly has little or no commercial purpose, you’re writing content (which might be excellent), but not content marketing.

  3. Understanding the dynamics of content marketing is the path to follow as a writer, this involves strategic marketing that is focused towards creating valuable and relevant content to attract and retain audience,

    Just like you mentioned in the article, the demand for content marketers is on the increase because the demand for content by the consumers has increased as well, so stepping up from just an ordinary writer to a content marketer make a whole lot of sense because that is where the market and money are at present and will be in the future. Thanks

  4. Very impressive five reasons that businesses will need more writers with a flair for content marketing. I’m amazed finding the spirit of your write-up that gives me enough fuel to march on for the future harvest of good money on copy-writing. Average and above average understanding points are vital issue and big challenge in content generation for the beginners, in my opinion. In this regard, native writers could get advantage and demand that the buyers used to pay priority in the content market. How it can be overcome by others? Thanks for your valued share. Swapan.

  5. In my line of work, it is so difficult to come up with entertaining things to write. Sure I could blab about techniques and procedures, but it is so boring to the reader. If only I were creative enough to spin some of my real life cases into a semi-fictional read… I’m just not. Folks would be amazed at some of the stuff I see as a private investigator. As always, you guys can just flow and keep my attention. Thanks Demian!

  6. Demian You are an inspirational writer for me, I am newbie blogger, by seeing your efforts it makes me work more hard and implement your strategies. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is the reason why I’m trying my luck in content writing. I have been into web design and then graphics and blogging for couple of years but now I want to dedicate my time on writing and gain some reputations here. Thank you for all your tips.

  8. I start to read articals at copyblogger.com this month. And I also read articals at boostblogtraffic.com recently. I am very jealous that you guys can write great articals with many great ideas.

    I want to learn content marketing or get some more ideas about online marketing via these channels. However, it is a shame I am not English-speaking person. I don’t know where and how I start to do that.

  9. I’m a copywriter and content marketer and I love it. I also handle social media and PR for small businesses. I went to school for Journalism so it’s right in my wheelhouse but more fun than plain ole newspaper writing. Great article!

  10. Helpful article, Yes If the writer write a content for readers then they have to think about readers first, What readers want and how this content give a value to them. Proper and planned Content marketing strategy makes the leads for the business.

  11. Do you mind explaining what you mean by “combative work ethic”? It sounds a bit nasty and unpleasant to me. “Combative” versus whom?

    Thank you.

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