Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes

Offers That Improve Terms, Add Services, and Make Bribes

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  1. Thanks for the post!

    These offers actually give me a creative outlook on possible pricing and packaging offers that I could actually use.

  2. This is an incredibly useful series, keep up the great work!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better menu of offers anywhere. IMHO, the offer is *the most important* element of the sales process. You can get a lot of things totally wrong, but if you have a great offer, you’ll still have good sales.

    Surprisingly, people don’t spend a lot of time on their offers and don’t test different offers, at least in my experience that is the case.

    Oh, and BTW, you are today’s ACE on

  3. Doug,

    You’re right. People develop a product then slap on an offer. It’s criminal.

    In the direct marketing world, offers are known to be the second most important factor of success, right behind lists.

  4. I keep saying this, but then not doing it, but I swear… next product I develop, I’m going to write the salesletter and offer *first* then create the product.

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