Offers That Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

Offers That Reduce Price and Increase Urgency

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  1. This heavily relates to the teachings of W. Edwards Deming. I commented about it recently, but I’m not sure where.

    Edwards Deming taught the Japanese motor companies Toyota, Honda, and Nissan how to simultaneously increase quality, lower cost, and improve employee retention. His 14 points are extremely popular and pose an amazing benefit to any business.

    Check out his 14 points here:

  2. Do you think offering a discount like this works with services (such as copywriting or graphic design). Would they really help make a sale? Or would they risk devaluing the service or the service provider?

    I’m not questioning these techniques. Just curious how they relate to service oriented businesses.

  3. Dean,

    All these tactics work wonders for products, but may not always be useful for service oriented companies. For example, rebates may not work for a consultant or a coach.

  4. Shama,

    Not all offers are best for all things, of course. On the other hand, if you’re a consultant or coach, you might try any number of these offers.

    You could try an early-bird discount for a seminar you’re giving (sign up before January 15 and save 20%), a group discount for corporate coaching (25 employees in accounting for the price of 15), a pre-publication offer (get this special free report for 10% less than others will pay if you order now).

  5. Manya,

    Sorry. I forgot to address your comment.

    Sure, offers aren’t something that only apply to a certain type of product or service.

    For example, I offer to do copy revisions to old projects for half price. And I offer a quantity discount when I’m doing several of the same things at once, such as 3 versions of an ad for testing.

    If you’re a designer, you could send a postcard to prospects offering a logo package…trade in your old logo for a new one and save $100.

    You DO have to be careful not to devalue your fees, but if you consider all the various offers available, you can certainly find a handful that are appropriate for your situation. Specifically, look at offering something extra (rather than offering a discount) if devaluation concerns you.

  6. Dean,

    Just to let you know, my name is Dave, I asked for the suggestions on using some of these offers in Real Estate.

    Just wanted to let you know my name so you know who asked the question 🙂

  7. Real Estate…

    Realtors reduce home prices all the time for a quick sale. Lenders offer guaranteed acceptance for loan programs. Builders offer freebies, such as upgrades to fireplaces or nicer kitchen cabinets. Take a look at your own home page. You have offers all over it.

  8. Thanks Dean.

    Yeah, I do the free reports thing and some financing offers, etc. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.

    I look forward to the rest of the series and will be a regular reader of your Direct Creative blog as well!

  9. Have to disagree with the price idea Dean.

    Anyone can sell anything cheaper than anyone else but when it comes to being able to offer service, support and business longevity … that model is flawed.

    In the end it’s not about price it’s absolutely about value.

    The more you focus on the price, discounting and devaluing the offer in the clients eyes the less they value the offer and then you are just a commodity.

    I’m not into selling commodities as sellers of commodities are price takers.

  10. I don’t know if I have commented on your site before, but I should have, as you are my favorite read!

    I especially enjoyed your post about copying the style of the titles on Cosmopolitan Magazine.

    As usual, this is an outstanding article.

  11. Andrew,

    If you don’t like one offer, try another. This series of articles is intended to get you thinking, not prescribe specific offers for specific people.

  12. Not so much criticism of the article Dean but a heads up for those reading.

    If you live by price you will die by price.

    Increasing urgency on the other hand gets you lots as does limiting supply, together they create even greater urgency

  13. @Matt

    I have to agree, out of all those its the limited edition that seems to work best to get me to buy something.

  14. I m just out of the black friday sale shock which left my wallet empty. I m forced to live like a saint in himalayas till a few paychecks. Great tips and those guys have learnt to master it. Our day to day life offers so much of these tips in action provided we notice..

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