Three Killer Skills Professional Writers Need to Succeed in 2018

Three Killer Skills Professional Writers Need to Succeed in 2018

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  1. I’ve been reading Copyblogger off and on since 2007, and still get a lot from it. I’m usually looking for content and headline inspiration, but I always end up studying the writing style itself. This blog is very easy to read because of the conversational tone, and I hope to integrate this style in my own work. Every time I start sounding like a textbook, I like to get taken back down to earth with a quick Copyblogger read.

  2. Nice one! I agree that strategy and analytics are core components going into 2018. I’ve just finished a certification in content strategy and now, I cannot stop talking results wherever I go. However, you had me at ‘Yes, they can write — and they can do a whole lot more than that. Not only is that what clients are looking for, it’s what they’re willing to pay dearly for.’ I’m yet to find these folks in the Indian market.

    They do realize that there is a great value-add in hiring me, but they just do not have the resources to pay. That makes me feel really stuck because as a freelancer, there is only so much work I can do in a day.

  3. I struggle with burnout because I write a lot of the same types of content about the same subjects. My clients respond positively when I get a little playful or poetic, but it seems like more and more that creative spark is missing. How do you find and nurture the poet’s voice in practical, more-than-a-motivational-Insta-post ways?

    • I feel your pain — and live it. I write a lot about copiers (four versions of how to fix black lines on a copy and counting). I find that when I take the time daily or at least once a week to write on a personal blog that I don’t much care if anyone reads or not that helps to keep me interested when I get ground down by repetitive topics.

      Also, I’ve been writing about document management off and on for over 20 years. It’s the same thing as it ever was — hey, I can find my documents faster than walking to a filing cabinet — but it’s also constantly changing as new applications of the tech emerge. Look for the new in the same old, same old and you’ll often find something you didn’t expect or look at with a different point of view as you learn more.

  4. Brilliant! And, as a longtime copywriter, I am painfully aware of the lack of poetry (née emotion, hence persuasion) in today’s online content. What I’ve observed – and even suffered professionally by – is that too many clients and bosses don’t (perhaps can’t) recognize it. The focus currently seems to be on technical skill – craft and typos be damned! I’m looking forward to the day when content development as a discipline matures beyond this stage and decision makers recognize that typing is not writing. Thank you for helping me feel a little less alone.

  5. I’m here because in 2018 I want to evolve from baby freelance writer to grown-up business owner. The three killer skills you mention are going to be central to achieving this goal so I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  6. I am new to Copyblogger and also am attempting my first romance novel. It Is definitely a learning process. I am excited for my future and will continue to read Copyblogger. You’ve grabbed my attention.

  7. I love the concept of being a killer/poet hybrid. I’m a researcher by background, and I’m good at strategy, but tech, not so much. I know that’s an area I will be working on this year. I need to face it and dive in!

  8. I’ve never thought of it exactly this way, but the killer/poet split makes a ton of sense to me. I know that there are times when I’ve tried to be more poet than killer and had my teeth kicked in by the results — even though I knew what I was doing hadn’t worked in the past, I’d occasionally try it (humorous subject lines — ok, semi-humorous). Sometimes, you have to take that inner poet by the throat and choke him out.
    Recently, tried a series of carefully crafted and designed CTAs. Didn’t work. Switched back to the ugly ones that the poet hates, but the killer loves because: results.

  9. As a published poet was astonished at reading your killer /poet juxtaposition. Am researching ways to integrate this poetic gift with more practical procedures for writing income growth.Your post is a serious challenge to making this wish a reality and wake-up to what is necessary to master the killer tech equation.Knowing that i don’t need to forfeit the poetic but do need to build a hybridized style that in the end is actually an enriched beginning.

  10. I’ve only begun reading Copyblogger in the last year or six months as I continue my education in all things digital marketing. I majored in English in college, but it took me a good 12 years to figure out what I wanted to do with it. Now that I finally feel settled professionally, I’m excited to make up for lost time and learn everything I can about how to make my writing better. I’m looking forward to your posts in 2018!

  11. My focus this year is to be more data-driven/inspired in my writing. I tend to write about what comes to me easily and even though I am getting great feedback, my posts are not going the distance. I want to dive more into analytics and focus on trends – which after all is perhaps a good way of knowing what the readers really want.

  12. I also do graphic design as well as copywriting so I quite like offering design and content creation services in one. So my goal this year is to develop a more coherent offering of the two services!

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