11 Top Secret Recipes for the Aspiring Copywriting Chef

11 Top Secret Recipes for the Aspiring Copywriting Chef

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  1. Hey Dean,

    Thanks so much for the ‘secret recipes’. I have in fact heard of the first one, but there were many more new to me. I’ll be doing a further examination of them and seeing if I can apply them.

    Keep up the good work,
    Hafiz Dhanani

  2. Thanks for the alphabet soup 🙂 Of course, whenver I see “AIDA”, I can’t help but think of Alec Baldwin’s “Coffee is for Closers!” speech in Glengary Glen Ross.

    I can definitely see that I need to add some Fan Dancer strategy to my page – thanks for the prompt.

  3. Exactly what I needed – a primer on the basics. Persuasive copywriting may be the hardest and coolest thing of all to learn out of everything I’ve ever done online.

  4. Thanks Dean, I’m just starting out in copywriting (6 months in) and have been following the AIDA recipe for the most part. It’s interesting for me to see other recipes – I’ll look into each a bit more and see what works best for me.

    Which one do you find yourself using most often?

  5. Wow…didn’t know so many possible copywriting methods actually exist.

    My personal favorite is the ABC method because it filled with such detail and practicality.

    Followed closely by the PPPP method: Picture, Promise, Prove, Push.

  6. Chad: I probably use the AIU formula most, since it’s my own and since I do a lot of direct mail packages. Getting people to open the envelope is key.

  7. Of course, you can mix and match some of these, blending them into your own recipe. But then it sorta turns into: “just write it.”

  8. To further the cooking metaphor, I like the idea that if you try something and don’t get it quite right, you can try it again later, and tweak a spice or two if you like.

    Also, it’s a great idea to vary the types of techniques you use in your copywriting, especially if you blog.

    That way, you’re not serving the same meal to your readers over and over again. . . So thanks for providing so many different recipes for us to try!

  9. Love this post, but it would be even more useful if you linked to or described good examples of these (or just did five with examples).

  10. I must admit that this list is incredible. I am more and more interested in copywriting and reading your blog helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and I have to say you know how to learn someone something. It is simple, understandable and effective. Thanks.

  11. I’ve just printed this post so I’ve always got it close to hand. One of my ambitions is now going to have to be trying to discover a new one of my own some day.

  12. Hi Dean – I didn’t realise there were so many different methods.

    Copywriting is tough. I’ve written letters and marketing materials for my own business for years, and I’m nowhere near half good at it even.

    Those superstar copywriters deserve every penny they get.

  13. Interestingly, all these ‘recipes’ are based on the AIDA principles however varied they may appear. AIDA still remains the foundational one.

    I share most of these with my copywriting coaching clients because most new copywriters find it hard to write in a structured way.

    Even if you have all the ‘parts’ of the sales letter you still have to assemble them in a logical way.

    Great post!

  14. Can’t believe I’ve never come across this blog before (blush). Boy, do I have some catching up to do. This article alone has certainly got me thinking about my own ‘copy’. Great stuff. Thanks.

  15. interesting post Dean,

    Almost every tip ends up in prompting the reader to action. This is something that has registered in my mind after reading your post. So I have started calling for an action at the end of each post. Very common action I use is request for comments or ask a question and encourage readers to answer them..

    thanks again


  16. I read with great interest your tips ! I found the string of pearls very interesting ! I remember the early days of The Sharper Image elegantly written full page advertisements bursting with copy ! I do not know if this qualifies as strings of pearls but the grain of sand in the oyster grew a few ! Effective communication is an art, your blog proves this !

  17. what a fabulous post. while i can think of many successful exceptions, you can’t go far wrong by judging your work against these benchmarks. thanks for all the time, thought and effort you put into your posts.

  18. This is a keeper. Thank you!

    I plan to use this list to practice writing using a different recipe for the same material. Might be a fun exercise to share with a colleague for feedback.

  19. Thanks for all the kind comments. As a practicing copywriter, I can tell you that it’s terrifically difficult to teach people how to write copy. I’m glad so many people find these recipes inspiring.

  20. Thank’s Dean,
    I am just starting out in copywriting and your stuffs helps me a lot.Keep on your good work up to extend.Three cheers for DEANNNNN.

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