Magazine Headline Remix: Details Edition

Magazine Headline Remix: Details Edition

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  1. Ha, fun! I just dropped a comment in the Cosmo post about using “The Most Satisfying Marketing Position” the other day.

    Think I’ll wander off and start posting something along the lines of “Make Compassion Competitive.” Or maybe “Make Competition Compassionate.”

  2. It looks like I’ve been challenged to write a post worthy of a headline. Good timing as I was just about to generate some ideas for a post tomorrow. I guess I now have a topic.

  3. Mark I like it. Good advice.

    Sonia, this is totally true: I was going to assign the last one to you and offer this angle:

    Make Bald Your Brand: The Seth Godin Story

    But then I thought, don’t we talk about that guy enough? πŸ™‚

    Steven, sorry for the “ph” instead of “v” in your first name. Fixed.

  4. Great post on the benefits of writing tantalizing headlines.

    Loved what I’ve seen so far….many of them captured my attention, brought a magical smile to my face, and made me want to Click.

  5. Uuf, sooo many ideas… Make sitting in traffic fun! Make eating chocolate painless! Make public speaking pleasurable!

    I march on… great post as usual…

    Thanks Brian!
    Pam πŸ™‚

  6. Whew! Here’s my 27 Secrets to Linking Like a Master Networker.

    I thought it would be a real challenge, but it was actually great, writing a post with so many points, because it really helped me think creatively and add beyond where I might normally go.

  7. Oh God. Details aka “27 ways to be a bigger douchbag that you already are” magazine. I abhor Details, yet I get it in the mail because some guy a year ago came to the house selling them (Office Space style) and I wanted to help him out.

    So now because I wanted to get some guy off crack, I dry heave when I open my mailbox once a month.

    Eh, at least it’s useful for headlines.

  8. Wow. Just wanted to post an update on what an effective strategy this has been.

    To date, since I posted my article for this activity, it’s become my site’s most popular content (now accounting for about 20% of the lifetime traffic to my two-month-old blog), hit StumbleUpon top business content pages, and added some great members to my community.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I’ve come up with the following ideas, some of which I like more than others:

    27 Secrets to Working Out Like a Fitness Pro
    It’s Time to Break Up With Your Trainer (or Gym)
    The Five Exercises Nobody Should Ever Do
    Obese Nation: Is Your Weight Causing You to Miss Out?
    Make Exercise Sexy

    Thanks for the ideas! πŸ™‚

  10. Brian–
    This is a WONDERFUL site. Great work–excellent mix of helpful, inspiring, and funny. I am afraid to quit my day job and launch a freelance writing career, but you have some good posts here that I am chewing thoroughly…thanks!

    BTW, see if you can guess what my day job is from my entry in the headline challenge:

    Five Things You Should Never Say to a Pet Owner in the Exam Room

    5 – Sure, I remember your cat, Fluffy. She tried to claw my face off last time she was here.

    4 – The surgery went very well, and we found the cause of the intestinal obstruction–evidently he ate something from your underwear drawer.

    3 – Phew! What stinks in here?

    2 – Thanks for bringing in the stool specimen. Do you want your Tupperware back?

    1 – This is the ugliest puppy I have ever seen.

  11. I’m about 2 years late reading this post but I will challenge myself to write an article about the above headlines to give me the opportunity to improve them.

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