Copywriting Contest: $10,000 in Prizes for Irresistible Offers

Copywriting Contest: $10,000 in Prizes for Irresistible Offers

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  1. What a cool idea, this should be fun and beneficial I hope…

    Question: Does graphical elements give any bonus Brian or is it purely based on copy writing skills?

  2. Yes, entries can come from non-USA locations, as long as they are in English.

    Graphical elements will be considered to the extent they grab attention and complement the copy. I’ll add that as a criterion in the post.

  3. I am sceptical that expert copywriters will win these type of competition hands down and the little guy will not have a chance at all. But that may be the way the game is played

  4. Azzam, you never know. Because SquidOffers has a unique social media element, maybe not. A lot of people I know who write effectively for social media are not professional copywriters. I think we may see some interesting results.

  5. Thanks Brian, this sounds very interesting. I am thinking a bit like Azzam, that others with more experience would win, but it would be great experience at the very least.

    Is an advertising teaser strictly text only?

    Thank very much,


  6. I’m curious too, the advertising teaser is strictly text only? And that teaser goes into the message text area of the submission form? The url to the landing page goes in the web page text field of the submission form?

  7. Advertisements that drive traffic to the landing page are text only–think Google AdWords.

    Tim, on the submission form, that’s perfectly fine. Or, the ad copy and URL can just go in the body of the message. It makes no difference.

  8. Interesting competition, will make landing page, will get sign ups, will drive traffic.

    Will do…hopefully.

  9. Will anyone be able to see our offers besides the judges (and, of course, the people we send to the offer)?

    I think I see what you’re getting at… people in some niches would rather not have their landing pages exposed to a bunch of other marketers, right? On the other hand, some people would love for me to broadcast their link. 🙂

    In the event you don’t want your landing page revealed, simply indicate that preference in your submission beneath the URL.

  10. Adrian, the winners will be selected by the three judges, which is not as effective as A/B testing, but it’s a wide-open contest, right? We can’t test disparate offers against one another.

    The SquidOffers program is what involves voting, which is a unique approach that requires adaptive thinking on the part of advertisers. Are you up for it?

  11. Brian, the only way to test an effective copy is through testing on the target audience. With due respect (Hi, Seth), the judges may not be the target audience of the ads and the Squidoo audience might vote on any of the ads differently.

    I guess Squidoo could give any context participant a free Squidoo Offer to test it?

    After the Squidoo people have voted, the judges could vote on the best ads from their points of view, so the winners would be based both on the Squidoo people and the judges’ votes.

    Until then, there are other benefits of taking part in this context.

  12. Questions about contest:

    1) the Landing Page can be any length? or font?

    2) the Ad for the Landing Page goes on the submission form (using your defined specs for specs for length, etc.) and if so this all goes in the Message box?

    3) What’s the 3 + 7 Box for?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, I’m from South Beach.

  13. Does this page have to be part of our website. I know a lot of group projects do make you implement the project onto your website, so i’m just wondering.

  14. Hi Brian,

    You could test separate offers against each other easily – do some simple PPC testing initially, and then just do some small media buys on the finalists, eg $1000 each. Whichever generates the most sales is the winner.

    Thanks for the offer to enter, but I prefer to test my skills with the market, not voting.


  15. Count me in. I hope we’ll be judged on our copy and landing page alone and not on the promotion in question. In my case, I have a landing page / review style for an affiliate product. This product kinda bombed after launch. But my site already has all the elements for the contest. Worth a shot I think.

  16. Brian, I’m not clear on comment #15…why wouldn’t I want others to be able to see my landing page which will be a post on my blog?

    Will the ads that we write be clickable so that anyone who views our submission online can click on it to get to our landing page?


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