Can You Pass This Content Marketing Test?

Can You Pass This Content Marketing Test?

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  1. Taking a stab at this. Fingers crossed.
    1. True
    2. Content, Social and SEO
    3. 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
    4. Higher conversions. Can use audience targeted content.
    5. Copywriting is literally writing types of copy: on-page web copy, micro copy, ad copy. Content Marketing involves strategically planning for all types of content (video, audio, ads, digital, print collateral) for a variety of channels.
    6. Build on your brand’s content and use “rented” aka content produced by others to supplement your content marketing efforts.
    7. False
    8. One
    9. Call to Action
    10. Social

  2. Nice touch Demian, the old school desks.

    I think i was able to answer about 70% with out thinking about it…..

    Others I need to brush up a little on.

    Nice touch a quiz

    Even nicer touch no answers and a link to the 20-part Internet marketing course, master content marketing strategy.


  3. hi Demian

    I’m almost an ace when it comes to content marketing.. I like the quiz!

    By the way, it was a nice plug for the free My Copyblogger offer.

    Will we get instant access to all the goodies ? Don’t you think info overload will happen with having so many “content marketing” gold nuggets all at once?

    To me, long gone are the days of mammoth sized content… we live in the age of micro content, easy to digest… or, what do you say?


      • So now we need to aim for short copy, people still want to to be well informed no ?
        I’m trying to write 2000 – 3000 word articles, as 250 -500 word articles don’t provide enough information. So what’s right these days ?

      • Great idea, as I have your content and my inability to answer this quiz made me think, where is that on my pc. a book a week.. i could commit to that and ace the next quiz.

        Thanks for your invaluable content

  4. Hi Demian,

    I was checking out your relaunched Flawed & Fallen yesterday. Good reading there.

    1.True or false: True

    2.Content, Search, and Social

    3.I can’t say when to *send*, but most emails are opened on weekdays between 2:00 and 5:00.

    4.Driving targeted traffic to an offer/content that is optimized for them and SEO benefits from landing page content.

    5. Content marketing is using content to earn attention and engage an audience and copywriting is developing the actual copy.

    6.Don’t build on rented land refers to digital sharecropping or not controlling your web presence.


    8.One, get the visitor to take a certain action. to action

    10. search

    That’s my two cents, but I’d love to see the answers!

  5. Thanks Demian , I needed a good swift kick in the pants when it comes to content. As a copywriter you would think it came naturally. Wrong! I only answered about four questions correctly.

    Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me to re-look at content marketing 101.

    Take care.


  6. 1. True
    2. Sharing, Search
    3. morning
    4. SEO, conversion
    5. With content marketing, you write for what people are searching for; you put it in terms of what’s in it for them; you’re not trying to sell anything, instead you’re trying to help them first
    6. own your site versus putting it on free blogging platform, such as Blogger
    7. True
    8. 2 … primary goal, secondary goal for those aren’t ready to buy yet
    9. Call To Action
    10. I’m going to go with ‘Social’ on this one … while search is good for ‘new’ business, social is better for ‘repeat’ business.

  7. 1 – True
    2- Social media and Search
    3 – Early evening
    4 – Conversions is all I could think of
    5 – Content writing – Offering advice, tips, educating and solving problems. Copywriting – Selling
    6 – ?
    7 – False – It’s very name would say otherwise
    8 – One – get ’em to sign up!
    9 – Call to Action
    10 – Social

    Based on the answers that others gave I got a seven hmmmm. So what are the answers.

    Good concept for a post!



  8. I was able to answer most of these without too much thought, but I see most people had a specific time of day in mind for question #3.. wouldn’t the most politically correct response be to test send times on your list and choose the winner based on your audience?

  9. OK I’m going to take a stab at this but as a basic newbie I’m feeling questionable about my answers. Right now anyway, seeing the answers will be encouraging and remind me what I need to brush up on!

    1. True or false: keyword research tools allow you to see what people are actually searching for on the web.

    2. What are the three pillars of online content marketing? (Hint: one of them is “Content” … the other two start with an “S”.)
    (Based on #10 I’ll say) Search & Social

    3. When is the best time of day (or night) to send an email to your list, to get the best response?
    6:00 AM

    4. Name two benefits of creating a content landing page (there are a total of four).
    Search Engine placement, (based on #8) to achieve the main goal

    5. What’s the difference between content marketing and copywriting?
    In my eyes the two terms can be interchangeable depending on the circumstances. For example, website page writers could be copywriting or content marketing. However, writers of persuasive letters (direct-response) are copywriting and a Content Marketer will develop an overall strategy where content (website, blogs, press releases, etc) is concerned. Copy is just the content being produced.

    6. What does it mean when we say “don’t build on rented land”?
    I’m admitting that I’ve never even heard this term before and look forward to finding out the meaning!

    7. True or false: cornerstone content has a short shelf life.

    8. What is the optimum number of goals a landing page should have: one, two, or three?

    9. What does CTA mean?
    Call to Action

    10. Based on Average Order Value, which source of traffic is more profitable: search or social?
    Split 50/50 on this answer – on 1 hand searching probably brings in a more serious client because they’re looking for what you provide specifically, but on the other something like 86% of businesses use social media to market their business these days. Another answer I’m excited to get the answer on!

    If all went according to plan hopefully this means I got an 80%, but clearly the 20% needs work…and in the 80/20 rule that means I have a long way to go 🙂

    Great quiz!

  10. great quiz. thanks!
    1. true
    2. content, search, social
    3. mid-morning, evening
    4. retention and conversion
    5. content marketing: build online presence and authority. copywriting: engagement; move prospect along sales process to become a buyer; SEO optimization
    6. ?
    7. false
    9. call to action
    10. search

  11. I haven’t taken a test in so long! Let’s see….

    1. True
    2. Content, SEO,
    3. Late afternoon
    4. conversion, retention
    5. Content marketing is writing text that contains keywords that might be searched on and it focuses on important business goals. Copywriting is writing text to market, sell and advertise with a more direct approach.
    6. Don’t know.
    7. False.
    8. One.
    9. Call To Action
    10. Social.

  12. I read that the largest percent of emails were opened between 8-9a and 3-4p, and that email should be sent 1-2 hours prior. This does not fit your times listed above. I don’t recall the source, but it’s been in the last two weeks and would have likely been Hubspot, Moz Blog, KISSmetrics, or Social Media Examiner. Will you please elabrate on the timing?

    Thank you!

  13. Awesome a quiz!

    Here is my answers:

    1. True

    2. Content, Search and Social

    3. Anytime is a good time for emails. It really depends on the content of the email and the audience.

    4. Better conversion that increase your membership site sign-ups and sell more products.

    5. Well, you need to have both working together to have the best possible conversion. Content marketing is more focused on quality and bringing value through good content that benefit the target audience. Copywriting is more of a lead or marketing that draws attention to the content and makes people take specific action.

    6. Own your domain name and have full control of where your content is published.

    7. False

    8. One!

    9. Call to Action

    10. From my experience it’s search. But social works if you have a right connections and reach.

  14. 1. Sorta. Most of them?
    2. Content, SEO, Social — tho in my head it’s more like “usefulness, findability, and frequency”
    3. Afternoon?
    4. Conversion; SERP results!
    5. Copywriting – specific copy for ads, email. Content marketing – longer form editorial writing for inbound marketing.
    6. Probly it means… invest your time in content on your own site, and use content hosted elsewhere to drive traffic TO your site?
    7. F!
    8. 1
    9. Call to action. do it.
    10. I don’t know. But terms like “average order value” are sad ways to talk about the editorial value of our content.

  15. i swear i didn’t look at anyone else’s answers!
    1. True
    3. am, bw 9-10
    4. build your email list, get links, get search authority/rank higher, get traffic
    5. content markt is a high level strategy to generate inbound leads based on become a perceived authority in your field; copywriting is the strategic writing of a, blog post, per se
    6. build on your own site, not someone else’s like FB page
    7. False
    8. 3
    9. call to action
    10. social

  16. Hi Demian,

    Thanks for taking me to school today. We all know the best content marketers are better teachers than, um … marketers, right? 😉 Looks like you’ve done the job once again.

    I thought this would be a snap, but to be perfectly honest I have to do just a bit more homework.

    Good lord, every time You or Brian or Sonia write something, I feel like I have to hit the books once again. When I gain Authority status do I get a badge?

    Thanks again for another helpful post!

  17. 1. True
    2. Content, Search, Social
    3. Early a.m.
    4. SEO & Sales
    5. Content marketing is copy built to be found (via search & social) while copywriting is copy built to sell products/services (conversion)
    6. Don’t build content on a site you don’t own because it could disappear at any time; publish first on your own site, then distribute the content to others who may be interested in publishing as well
    7. False
    8. One
    9. Call To Action
    10. Social

  18. I like it.

    1. Sometimes
    2. Content, Search, Sharing
    3. Depends on your audience (test, test, test) I send B2C at 2am and B2B at 10am.
    4. Links, authority, lead gen
    5. Content marketing is providing value, copywriting is selling.
    6. Don’t build your content pieces on sites that you don’t own or are proprietary to another company. Build your own asset.
    7. Extremely False
    8. One
    9. Call to action
    10. Search. Life time customer value is a more complicated story… (test like hell)

  19. This could be tragic.

    1. False Keyword research lets you see what people are entering into a search engine, not what they are actually searching for.

    2. Social and Sharing

    3. Early AM. Before 0600 Eastern

    4. Interest and conversion. Glad you only wanted two.

    5. Content’s purpose is to inform, copy’s is to sell.

    6. Own the products you sell

    7. False

    8. One To get them to take the next step.

    9. Click Through Average

    10. Social. By a stunningly big percentage.

    I told you it could be tragic. I need to review/refresh

  20. 1. True
    2. Content, Search, Social
    3. It depends on the list, but if you have a worldwide audience I think it’s best to mail when it’s the evening in Japan, afternoon in Europe and morning in USA.
    4. You educate the person about the product with your content.
    5. Content marketing is the art of making sales with content and copywriting is the art of influencing people to take a desired action using words.
    6. Don’t rely your business on website you don’t own: Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Blogger etc.
    7. False
    8. 1
    9. Call To Action
    10. Search

    Hope I didn’t do too bad 😀 Great test though.

  21. I am going to go out on a limb and join the brave souls that answered. That way I can’t cheat myself when you post the real answers, Demian.
    1. False
    2. Content, Search, Social Media
    3. 7am Eastern
    4. It directs people where you want them to go & you can split test? (really grasping on this one).
    5. Copywriting is more action oriented.
    6. Own your own site
    7. False
    8. one
    9. Call To Action
    10. Social

  22. 1.True
    2. content, SEO, Social media
    3. 10 am and 2pm and after 6pm
    4.Teach people about the products to turn prospects into customers,tending the tribe
    5.Copywriting is the act of writing copy for the purpose of selling or marketing a product, business, or idea. Where as Content marketing is the act of educating people about the products with valuable content to own their trust and consequently do business.
    6.Publish your best content on web properties that you personally own (i.e., your own self-hosted website)
    7.False to action

  23. I feel little scary trying it out. But I’m going to learn from it. So here goes my take on this test…

    1- False ( It tells what are the other related keyword you can take into consideration)

    2- Search engines, social media

    3- 5.45 p.m to 6.00 p.m

    4- Convince and convert (basic)

    5- Content marketing is for humans while Copy writing is for search engines.

    6- It’s about paid linking (I don’t have any idea.)

    7- True

    8- One goal i.e to build a targeted list.

    9- Cost To Action ( Copied from above)

    10- Social ( Social comes first, search is dependent upon it)

  24. 1. True
    2. SEO , Social Media Marketing
    3. Night
    4. High visibility of purpose of website, capture email subscribers on 1st visit , Sets the tone of website to 1st time visitor, Great opportunity for sales
    5. Content marketing focuses on SEO and Social Media where as Copy Writing solely depends upon the article itself which can persuade (effortlessly) readers to buy something.
    6. Using free blogs? (Sorry if I sounded silly)
    7. True
    8. 2
    9. Call To Action
    10. Social

  25. 1. True or false: keyword research tools allow you to see what people are actually searching for on the web. Oh, I sincerely hope so.
    2. What are the three pillars of online content marketing? (Hint: one of them is “Content” … the other two start with an “S”.) Search, social.
    3. When is the best time of day (or night) to send an email to your list, to get the best response? Depends on your market. B2B? B2C? US? EU?
    4. Name two benefits of creating a content landing page (there are a total of four). Fulfill a very specific request and satisfy the searcher, perhaps begin a new relationship. Add a page to your total. SEO.
    5. What’s the difference between content marketing and copywriting? Copywriting is a creative task. Content marketing is a complex strategy that includes all kind of tactics and activities, including creation of assets, distribution and other ways of inviting engagement, measurement, and so on.
    6. What does it mean when we say “don’t build on rented land”? Don’t make a big investment or anchor a big project on turf you can’t control.
    7. True or false: cornerstone content has a short shelf life. False.
    8. What is the optimum number of goals a landing page should have: one, two, or three? One.
    9. What does CTA mean? Call (or calls) to action.
    10. Based on Average Order Value, which source of traffic is more profitable: search or social? Search. I remember reading recently that search led, followed by email, followed by…but was that numbers of orders instead of order value? Hmmm. Is this a trick question?

  26. Here’s my take at it

    1 TRUE
    2 cornerstone content…
    3 depends on your page
    4 improve conversions, segment, get people into a sales funnel
    5 context => content marketing needs to think on seo, needs for info, people’s context
    6 Build on your site, not on someone else’s platform
    7 FALSE
    8 one
    9 call to action
    10 search, though, it can varye on your niche

  27. Lol…Lovely Quiz…Lets answer

    1. True
    2. Content, Social and SEO
    3. Night
    4. High visibility of purpose of website, capture email subscribers on 1st visit , Sets the tone of website to 1st time visitor, Great opportunity for sales
    5. Content marketing focuses on SEO and Social Media where as Copy Writing solely depends upon the article itself which can persuade (effortlessly) readers to buy something.
    7- True
    8- One goal i.e to build a targeted list.
    9- Cost To Action ( Copied from above)
    10- Social ( Social comes first, search is dependent upon it)

  28. Nice quiz Demian Farnworth. The key to online marketing success is to never stop learning and applying what you learn.

    #4 – going for all four! – Content landing pages can be great for
    1) focusing links that are contextually related,
    2) make valuable content more easily discovered by users onsite,
    3) get back links from &$%# scrapers re-post your work and
    4) get valuable contextual links from legitimate bloggers who like to link to and reference cornerstone/content landing pages, especially those that are collections of high value resources. It’s about getting more ROI from your content.

    #6 is about avoiding being a digital sharecropper! Owned media is where it’s at. Website and blog on own domain in your control. You reap benefits as opposed to driving advertising revenue for user generated content. Sonia’s post on the topic inspired me to blog on it, but will resist the temptation to post a link here 🙂

    I agree with a previous commenter that the old school desks are a nice touch!

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. I highly doubt I will pass but the post is so infectious I just had to try it

    1 True
    2.Content,SEO , Social Media
    3 Between 9-11 am and 5-7 pm ??
    4 More sign ups, network,longer time to show what your about
    5 Honestly not sure
    six. Be original dont use someone else stuff to build your own cause then you have no real foundation to rely when you need it
    9. Call to Action
    10. I am going say Social?

    I have no idea since I am a begginer but this was fun to try

  30. Was challenged to take this, let’s see how I do.
    1. true
    2. content, seo, social
    3. depends on your list, so test your assumptions, but more check email during the work day
    4. I. relevance II. credibility III. fast delivery to searchers
    5. content marketing means creating content to provide specific value based on the reader’s needs
    6. no idea
    7. false! it should have a long shelf life and lasting relevance
    8. pick one!
    9. call to action
    10. social

  31. This was fun! Here’s my answers…now I better get back to work! 🙂

    1. True

    2. Content, SEO, and Social Media Marketing

    3. A lot of reports recommend between 9:00am – 11:00am weekdays, But such blanket assumptions can get marketers in trouble!! Test what’s best!

    – Customized/optimized url
    – Leads them to your website.
    – Specific CTA for people looking for your product or service NOW.

    Copywriting: As a copywriter, I write things about things that people want other people to know, buy, or try.

    Content: As a content writer, I provide the reader with useful information to help them do their job or manage something in their life better…much better…so much better that they want more, and they provide their email address to get more! And so…an email marketing list is born to market related products to this audience.
    Both copywriting and content writing build trust, motivate, and persuade.

    6. Your best “stuff” (content) should be saved for your own platform.

    7. False

    8. One

    9. Call to Action

    10. SEARCH!!!

  32. 1) False: it’s what keywords people are bidding on
    2) Hmmm…social and SEO?
    3) email blasts in the wee hours of the morning; newsletters 11amish Tues-Thurs
    4) make a sale, get an email address
    5) content marketing is creating valuable content for your audience; copywriting is putting the words together
    6) get and keep people on your website
    7) false
    8) one
    9) call to action
    10) search

  33. I am not sure about the answer no 8 its simply a guess
    1) True
    2) SEO, SMO
    3) Late morning
    4) Subscription, Conversion
    5) Copywriting is part of content marketing
    6) Develop you own brand and launch it on your good hosting with TLD and premium template
    7) False
    8) two; subscription and conversion
    9) Call to action
    10) Search

  34. True

    Social and Sharing

    Early in the morning (6am)

    Having an offer for my audience and making money

    CM: building an audience through authority and cookie content, CW: turn fans into customers

    Sharing my content on my own blog or website rather then on a social media platform like G+ or Facebook


    Three: high quality product offer, call to action, attractive appearance

    Call To Action


  35. Dear Demian

    Thank’s for the test! I learn best this way, beside practicing of course. I would very much appreciate to have access to tests for each main topic you teach on Copyblogger.

    I enjoy CB very much!

    Cheers from Switzerland

  36. I can see from my answers I still have a long way to go Demian.

    Thanks for bring some important points to my attention. Some valuable stuff to take on board and strive to work towards.


  37. 1: true,
    2: content creation, seo, social media,
    3: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
    4: to capture visitor information & effectively convert generic leads into qualified leads,
    5: copywriting= content that is created to sell something. Content marketing should add value for a reader without making hard sales.(eBooks, videos, freebies etc.) Copywriting + Content Marketing = SALES. Both are necessary
    6: digital sharecropping is not good. Don’t rely on 3rd party websites (i.e. Facebook) Facebook profits more than your business.
    7: true
    8: one
    9: call To Action
    10: search

  38. Interesting to look back the school desks 🙂 Let me give a try

    1. True (but partially)
    2. Content Sharing
    3. Morning, early afternoon
    4. Conversion opportunities are greater, and targeting opportunities too.
    5. Copy-writing – Writing a content that have a great deed of marketing and advertising. In turn, grabs the view of larger audience.
    Content marketing – The written content is then been marketed/promoted to various websites.
    6. Never to spend time on the blog sites that we don’t own
    7. False
    8. One 😉
    9. Obviously, it’s a Call to Action
    10. Search (remains higher)

  39. 1. True
    2. Content, Search, Social
    3. Depends on your audience? Ie Professionals Pre 9am and Post 6pm
    4. Conversion, lead generation, optimsation, linking
    5. Copywriting – sales driven strategy and content – education driven strategy
    6. Don’t create content on other sites, create it on your own and reap all the the optimsation benefits!
    7. False
    8. One
    9. Call to action
    10. Search

  40. Loved the way you gamified the whole thing and added a plug in the end, Demian. 🙂 Not to mention the awesome way to invite comments. It’s fun and a complete win-win post. 🙂

    I’m still new into content marketing, but here are my answers:

    1. False
    2. Social, Simplicity
    3. Early morning, ard 6-8 a.m. as far as I remember
    4. Better focus, higher conversion
    5. Content marketing is creating content (and relationships) that builds authority and trust among your target audience, keeps them aware about what you do without sounding too sale-sy as you give them free expert advice that is valuable and make their lives better. This is a long-term, indirect sales approach.

    Copywriting is a direct-sales approach that aims to close the sale immediately.

    6. Don’t establish an authority on someone else’s site.
    7. True
    8. One
    9. Call to action
    10. Social as people are more engaged

  41. 1) True

    2) Content +Search (SEO) + Social (Media) = Content Marketing

    3) A few hours before dawn in your target audiences’ world that way your email is first on their list when they check it in the morning.

    4) a) You can direct them where to go next in a targeted manner b) You can focus the most important part of your message. c) You automatically have a better bounce rate. d) …okay, I ran out of steam.

    5) Content Marketing is creative and engaging content directed at solving your target audience’s pain points with at least one call to action embedded in the delivery media. Copywriting is content that describes the features of a product or service with the desires and motives of the provider driving content and message. But great copywriting has always been content marketing.

    6) invest most of your energies in your website/blog that is self-hosted rather than social media channels which you have little or no control over.

    7) false. It should be evergreen.

    8) One and only one. Focus, focus, focus

    9) Call-to-action

    10) When people search that means they are ready to buy. When people are being social, sales pitches are interruptions. Answer is search traffic has a higher conversion rate.

    I think I did okay. Maybe shaky on a couple. I am ripe for Authority…as soon as I can squeeze it into my budget.

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