The Answers to Last Week’s Content Marketing Quiz …

The Answers to Last Week’s Content Marketing Quiz …

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  1. hey Demian

    10 out of 10… no, just kidding! I got 6 q’s right, that’s just because I was answering while checking emails… I know, I have to stop multi-tasking… but it’s not easy… LOL

  2. Well, I got 3 wrong. Not too bad, I guess. I got # 3, 4 and 8 wrong. I guess I need help with the whole landing page thing.

    Oh well, back to the drawing board I go.


  3. I did not do as bad as I expected, but also not as good as I should have considering the amount of time I’ve been around blogging and writing…

    Demian – I really appreciate the way you pulled from copyblogger content for the direct answers and included the links. Good for the spiders, but even better for us humans so we can go and do a little study and review. Thanks!!

  4. I got 3 wrong, as well (#2, 4, and 10). I gave answers vaguely along the lines of the ones in #4, but I counted it wrong anyway to remind myself to work on it.

    And I’m ashamed I missed the “search” part of #2. 🙁 Ah, well – if I want to be a content marketing writer, I will keep learning about it, right?

  5. About the last question.
    I wonder how the AOV of search and social has changed since the Q2 2012 mentioned in the e-books.
    If the same question will be included in next year’s quizz, I guess it will be harder to answer.

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