Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers

Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I love that you compared it to coffee shops. Personally, I love a good cup of coffee and will almost always go for the indie cafe over Starbucks, but you make a very good point about predictability. I would say that’s also why it’s so important to keep your own content consistent, so people always know what they’re getting when they go to your site.

  2. Was trying to get through without having to write something down. Failed! Took notes and find myself inspired by a couple of points. In short – well done!!!!

  3. Previously I thought over McDonalds much likely – as a business with processes fine-tuned to maximum precision no matter the place on Earth you visit it at. Reading your post made me revisit my thoughts and think over it once again. And it is a bright idea to show the inside of marketing taking a cafe as an example. Thanks for the story!

    • McDonalds is a great example too, John.

      And to speak to Alison’s point in the comment above, it’s all about making your own content and business as solid as well-known brands, to give your audience of prospects and customers the same type of experience.

  4. I’ve been trying to work with some small local businesses, so all of this is great for that. Simple and approachable- my favorite.

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