2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The September Prompts

2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The September Prompts

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  1. I love these writing prompts, and getting angry is something I’m great at!

    Thanks for this Sonia, looking forward to translating this prompt into a post.

  2. I tried the interesting prompt of what makes me angry, etc. A little scary feeling..its about the youth who are “programmed” to be more concerned with the superficial external world than with their own value. and what an epic waste of their time it is and how it robs the world of their contributions. I was one of those youth, I had values that whispered within but never did anything about them for years, and now I see it in teens every day. Perhaps a manifesto should include what I will do to try to fix the problem?

  3. This is a wonderful post. I like all these prompts as these will surely help me to achieve more during this month. I am gonna implement them in my daily routine from now onwards. Thanks for sharing your learning, Sonia!

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