Are Any of These 5 Reasonable (but Wrong) Fears Holding You Back?

Are Any of These 5 Reasonable (but Wrong) Fears Holding You Back?

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  1. Very helpful post. This post is exactly how I was when I started my blogging career. I was I am a single person what can I achieve? Another fear was, what if I fail in this industry? I will have to start over with another career. Both of these fears were haunting me until I made my first 50$ affiliate commission
    Your post will help many newbie bloggers to conquer their fear(s)

  2. That is an awesome article and I is so relevant to what I have gone through while developing my online essay writing service. It has been a tough decision and took me lots of time to finally arrive to take the decision of launching the business. But after I started off I realised that these were only the fears and overcoming them has helped me to start a business.

  3. Just as my confidence is at an all time low, one quick search and I find this awesome blog post. Literally every fear listed is what I’ve been contemplating, good advice on them all – thanks for the uplift!

  4. Good read! I agree with your points on fear #1 and #2. In most cases, building a digital business does not cost a lot of money, unlike a “brick and mortar” business which does cost a lot of money. The downside to a digital business is usually the time investment it takes to make it profitable which many people underestimate. I heard someone once say that if your going to put in part time hours then plan on making part time money. I think this quote is definitely true when it comes to building a digital business.

  5. I have heard these fears all throughout my writing career and my time in forums, on blogs and all over the place online. They usually come in the form of some ridiculous excuse and if you scroll a little further you’ll find a story of someone that did it with even more roadblocks in their way.

    We are put here to conquer our fears, but we get distracted by the money and by the time something takes. Our society teaches that we should get it right now, but it never happens that way. We glorify the “overnight success” and forget they failed a dozen times with other businesses and put in five years of work before becoming an “overnight success”.

    Great post Jerod! I think you nailed as these fears get spouted out of the mouths of people wishing they could be successful just about every single day.

  6. Very rightly put Jerod,
    ‘A fear that holds you back is one you must not respect but reject’. Your tips on how to rationalize with the most common fears of setting up your digital business are quite great. A lot of people give up even before they’ve tried, losing out on wondrous opportunities that may have come their way. Overcome your hindrances, learn from your experiences and you will find your own way. And there’s always others to help, like Jerod. 😀

  7. Fear #3 is a difficult one. I’ve just started shooting videos for YouTube and keep comparing myself to the likes of GaryVee and Neil Patel, and feeling bad that our videos don’t look as good as theirs. Then I have to stop and realise they have huge content teams and are doing this full time.

    Being realistic in your expectations helps. But it’s tricky to remember to step back and try to see things that way!

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