In Search of Better Writing Introductions

In Search of Better Writing Introductions

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  1. Stefanie,

    Yesterday I read Brian’s post on writing intros. It was great.
    And now this!
    This kind of air tight writing…. oh! not allowing the readers to breathe …
    However, I’m always on the hunt to go breathless… Thanks a million!
    What to do? Web writing is becoming so competitive. The other day I got bored of using terms like succinct writing, direct writing, straight-to-the-heart writing … and bla, bla,bla.
    Ultimately I had to coin a new term, “POINT BLANK WRITING”. And yet I’m not sure if it’s new!
    Waiting for the next one from you.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. On average, we only have about 7 seconds to get someone’s attention, and in the Digital Age, it’s very easy for them to click away and find something else.

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